Erotic Fiction by Navarre -- 05  

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Erotic Fiction by Navarre -- 05

"The Newbie"
by Navarre

I've got a good life.
I'm one of those self-made rich guys.
I made a lot of smart investments when I was in my twenties. Watched my debt accumulation. Saved a lot. I've got the rich bags now. I now come and go as I please without the worry of HAVING to work.
I get to do what my heart wants to do.
I stay at home, clean house, cook, write, do chores, and read. When John, my fairly attractive and not-too-much-younger lover, walks through the front door, I either have a hot plate of some exotic pasta dish waiting for him, or I'm hard as a rock, on the couch, my ass proffered to him like some Venetian silken basin to lave his beautiful prick. Getting fucked by John has always been the pinnacle of my existence since we decided to move in together. He's got one of those blunt-shaped cockheads that really massage the prostate and make me shoot a cum wad ten feet across the room.
Two years of the easy life goes by. Love and sweaty man-sex and intimacy and monogamy. Monogamy! My God, I never thought staying with one guy for longer than a month or two would have been feasible until I got to know John. I mean, fuck, I'm thirty-six. I've been around the block. SAFELY around the block (I hate sex without rubbers -- unless it's cock sucking, but even with that you've got to be careful).
February comes.
One Friday evening, I'm lying naked on the couch and John, a grin as wide as my mother's ass, waltzes through the door and leaves it open. Our apartment is in a high rise in Buckhead, the ritzy, obscenely wealthy neighbor to Atlanta, just beyond Midtown. It's colder than a witch's titty outside, and John leaves the apartment door open -- our condo is now a barn. My cock seems to lose half its length in the space of about two seconds. I scream, "Ah, you redneck faggot. Close the door. My nuts are in my throat."
"I have a surprise for you," he says, ignoring my command. "And don't be a bitch."
"Bitch? C'mere you cocksucker, I'll show you bitch." And at that moment the prettiest piece of flesh walks through the door. He's dressed in denim from head to toe. Rustic in an innocent, good ol' boy kinda way. Eyes as green as the ocean and hair as white as snow. His complexion is chestnut brown, deeply and oddly tanned for the middle of winter.
He sees me naked as a picked bird and bursts into laughter. John smiles, "What did I tell you? I knew tonight he'd be waiting. It's Friday. TGIF. Thank God I'm-a-gettin' Fucked." He drops his briefcase and runs over to me, fumbling with my limp cock and kissing me passionately. "This is Todd. Marcy's -- you know, chickola at my office with the red hair -- well, this is her little brother. He's visiting." John plops down next to me and removes his shoes, his free hand still buried in my crotch. "He just came out about a month ago and Marcy, thank God, invited him to spend the weekend with us. To show him a bit of what is, you know, 'us.'"
"Yeah," he says, swallowing and still laughing nervously, "Miami's coated with gays, but -- well, not my type."
I am not amused. I am no longer horny. In fact, I'm fucking pissed that John didn't call or think to ask me if this was okay. I discreetly remove his cool hand from my balls, stand slowly, walk to the bookcase where my towel lies, and I cover myself as I ask him, "So, the sun that bright in Miami, Todd?"
He's uneasy, a horse bouncing around in a stall before a competition. His eyes drop to the floor. "Yes, sir."
"Oh, fuck," John says, falling back into the sofa.
"Sir?" I ask incredulously.
"Sorry," he stammers. "I'm kinda nervous."
"Well," I start, looking in his green eyes. And I can't be pissed. He's too goddamn beautiful. I wonder what that cock of his looks like. Why am I thinking this? What in the hell? "Uh. You can take your bag in the guest room. Wash up, if you'd like. We'll eat in about an hour."
I am ice queen. Call me jealous.
He gazes at me, tracing my body with his young eyes, and walks by. He smiles at John as he saunters and struts into the back room and closes the door. I shake my head in pretend annoyance with my lover, who is in bales on the floor now, rumpling his work clothes. His sound is contagious and lovely and light and incredibly sexy. I walk over to him, throw the towel on the floor and grab the back of his head. My cock is already stiffening as I speak. "Suck my dick, boy," I command.
"Yes, sir," he whispers, not hesitating, slowly slurping the semi-hard cock inside his full lips and warm, thick mouth. He moans as I enter him, as I harden inside him. His sucking is gentle and moist and noiseless.
The shower hisses behind the walls of the living room. I hear the curtains pull back, plastic rings on metal. That twanging-slide. The squeak of naked, wet feet on porcelain. I imagine Todd's naked flesh, now slippery with hot water, as John pulls on my rod with his face. His hands slink up my sides and pinch my nipples as he works a little faster, never pausing. After a minute of blissful pleasure and fantasy, I feel the coolness of a wet dick bouncing around in air. I look down and John, deep brown eyes peering up at me, smiles. "What do you think, stud?" he whispers, toying with my meat, rubbing it over his stubbly cheeks, his chin, his forehead, his neck. He takes a long swipe at it with his tongue and sucks my flesh back inside the heat of his sweet mouth.
"Christ," I moan, hearing the shower, watching my cock go in and out of John's puckered lips. John moans again and works faster. "Yeah, he's beautiful. You have in mind what we're -- God, yes, suck it, stud -- going to...Oh, Christ. Oh, God. I'm gonna come. Yeah, suck it. Suck that cock. Oooh, fuck!" John quickly removes my cock from his mouth and points it in his face.
I explode with tremendous force onto his cheeks and chin. I watch cum spill like water down his neck, onto his silk shirt. His hand is pumping my prick, emptying it. His sighs are fire, "Yeah, that's it. God, you're so hot. Yeah, so fucking hot."
I am spent. After another minute of slow hand pumping, he grabs my towel and wipes off his face and hands. He stands and hands me the soiled, semen-coated thing and walks into our room, whistling.
Still dazed, I follow him and throw the towel in the hamper just inside the bathroom door. "You didn't answer my question."
"I don't know what we're going to do. I'll leave that up to you. But right now," he kisses me on my lips, "I'm getting bathed. Excuse me."
"Ah. Well, I'll see what I can think of."
"Yeah?" I ask, my head swimming with all kinds of options and ideas and images.
"Whatever you come up with is fine with me." He pokes his head through the door and grins. I smile back and walk to the kitchen. Dinner. Something for three. Something pasta. Basil. Tomatoes. God, that blow job was good. I don't hear the shower running in the guest room any more. I hear the jets of our shower -- John is washing himself now. Maybe we should go out to eat. I think that'll do it. We'll just drink a lot of wine and walk to Rocky's Brickoven Pizza on Peachtree Street.
"What's for eats?" Todd asks as he comes into the kitchen. He's still semi-wet, hair in slicked strands about his eyes. I catch a glimpse of his hairless chest as he throws on a holey, mud-stained used-to-be white Tee-shirt. I am still naked.
"Shit, Todd. I'm standing here naked. Let me go and--"
"No, please. Marcy said that, actually, she said that John said that the two of you were open and warm and natural. I want to see that. I don't mind if, uh, you don't. I mean, I live down in Miami. It's not like I haven't seen your package before. And I like looking at nude men. I always have."
"My package." A statement. To the point. How experienced is he? "So, Todd, have you ever had gay sex? Have you ever caught a glimpse of the gay lifestyle? Well, I mean, not the 'lifestyle,' which a lot of people interpret as being purely animal. Men going from guy to guy in a smoke-filled, noisy dance club. Maybe sucking four or five cocks in one night. I dunno."
"Sounds like South Beach," he grins.
"Yeah, definite on that. What I'm trying to say is that, I guess, that's not a gay lifestyle -- that's a single lifestyle. And you can be gay or straight and do that body hopping thing. Some of the women down here are worse than most of the gay men I know. I forgot what my point was. I do that. Just blah, blah, blah -- tell me to shut up. Please."
The boy smiles.
I grin back. He's a cute thing. "Have you been around many gays or lesbians? Do you have many homosexual friends? What's your background on all this?"
"Not really. I mean, my family's pretty suburban. Pretty Newt Gingrich. Only my sister knows about me. I want to scope out the land. Find me some friends. Learn the best way to come out. College is over and--"
"How old are you, Todd?"
"And you've never had gay sex?"
"Well, one time in college I kinda fooled around with this dancer guy. We just touched and stuff. Nothing big. Nothing wet. Nothing inside me."
"Good. Stay away from the dancers. They have no shame." Todd laughs. Almost as musical as John's. "You want some wine?"
"Yeah. What'cha got?"
I pour three glasses. He grabs his and begins sipping. "I'm really nervous."
"Why," I ask.
"Well, I just am. So, what are you guys gonna show me?"
"I figure that we could go eat in a bit. Midtown's pretty gay-friendly. I was thinking Italian, but then I remembered that there's a gay restaurant called Einstein's not too far. I'll figure something out. Then I figure we could go to one of the night clubs. Atlanta's pretty busy on Friday nights."
"What about before that? I mean. You guys are good-lookin', you know? Can I...I you want to--"
"Spit it out, Todd. Sex? You mean?"
"Yeah. I want to get laid in a major way. Part of the reason I'm here is because Marcy said you guys are clean and pretty safe and she knew you might show me the ropes. Break me in, so to speak." And he downs his glass of Merlot.
I feel my cock twitch at the thought of breaking in young Todd. Or watching John break him in. Jealous only for a second. Yeah, I could get off watching my lover getting his cock sucked but this man-boy.
"Do you have any movies? I've only seen pieces of some. I want to see more. Got any?"
"Yeah, a few." The shower in the back is now off. "They're in the cabinet. Help yourself. I'm going to go talk to John for a minute."
In a moment, I'm in the bathroom watching John towel off. He wraps the cloth around his waist and walks up to me. His mouth is on my mouth, my lips part and I feel his tongue squirm inside. We kiss fiercely for a moment and then he pulls away, a loud, clamorous smack echoing in the tiled room. "You taste like wine. D'you pour me some?"
"Mmm-hmm. Chicken is in there watching fuck films and naked gay men sucking dick. He wants us to 'break him in.' He wants us--"
"'To show him the ropes,' I know, I know. I thought we would like take him out or something. You know, introduce him to Kevin or Tyler tonight. He's got it in his head that all gay men fuck everyone."
"Well, some do. A ho's a ho, baby," I say. "Gay or straight. I was just telling him that."
"I know. But, I mean, could you? And not feel guilty? Or watch me fuck or suck him and not get jealous?"
"I don't know. He is hot. And I bet we could teach him a few things."
"Probably. I just don't want either one of us to get insecure or uptight. And I'm speaking for the both of us. Let's just go drink some more and let the night take us. I mean, this would be a wonderful opportunity to see if we -- well--"
"I know. But..."
"No buts. Let's show junior."
We leave the bathroom and grab our wine glasses and walk hand in hand into the living room. Todd is on the couch, a new bottle of Merlot opened and on the coffee table, the television displaying an orgy of Conan the Barbarian proportions. John laughs as he sits next to the transfixed Todd. "This is a good one. I never last when Josh and I watch this one. Always gets my rocks off before we start."
Todd gulps.
The men on the tube are dark and light, hairy and clean-shaven. All are young and muscular, taut, thin waists, rippling or lean and cut. Shaved assholes. Their hair is short or slicked back into neat little pony tails. Their cocks are as big as racehorses. Their sighs and moans and screams and grunts are permeating and penetrating as they penetrate. Todd's mouth was opening and closing, fish-like, as I sat beside him. John removed his towel and threw it aside. Two naked men, bookends to the boy.
"Doesn't that hurt?" Todd asks.
"Hurts real good," John said.
"Yeah, but -- I mean -- wow."
"Yep," I smile. "That's what I say."
"So, what can we do?" Todd asks.
"Well, you watch that while I move this coffee table over here. And...hold on a sec...then we'll have more room. First, we want you to turn that thing off. I think you're in shock, son."
"Good." John watches me, smiling at me, poking fun at me with his eyes. He knows I'm improvising. "John toss me those throw pillows and come over here with me. Lay down right here. We'll all set our wine glasses aside for now. Now, Todd. Take off your clothes. Strip, boy."
"Todd, we think you're hot and we want to see how big that cock of yours is," John chimes in.
Todd's face is as red as a sunburn. Almost off-putting and pouty and a then maybe cute. But he doesn't argue. Off with his shirt. Then he slowly removes his shorts. No underwear. His cock is rigid, rising about a centimeter above his navel, which hides tiny tufts of whirling blond hair, trailing down into a blond patch. The hair on and around his balls is fine and light, almost translucent. His rod thumps as blood from his body pumps through it.
"Very nice," I compliment him. "Now, sit down in front of us, Todd. Good boy. Lean back against the couch. Hand me that box behind you, the one with the red ribbon. Thank you." I sat up. John's hand is on my leg as I open the box. "This is our sex kit, Todd."
He swallows, engulfed with randy, horny boyhood. His hands lightly play with himself as he tries to pay attention to my words.
"We keep lubrication and condoms and--"
"That's business, stud," John blurts out. "Let's just show him how we use it, and then he can decide for himself if he wants to participate."
"Fine with me," I smile.
John falls back. I kneel above him and start kissing between his thighs. He takes my cue and shifts his position so I can have a better view and angle. "You smell marvelous," I sigh as I open his legs a little wider to have a clearer, more exposed view of his balls and asshole. I smile as I lick under his balls, coming dangerously near his rosebud, teasing him with a possible deep kiss, but then moving away. He places his hands on my head in hopes of guiding me to it, but I am stronger. I kiss long and deep around his fine, dark hairs. I lick and suck at the skin at the base of his prick, watching it become red and inflamed.
His moans become insistent as I tease him. "So soon?" I ask, almost pulling away. Suddenly, I pull him up to my body. His face is flushed.
"Hey, I've been horny since I sucked you, pal," he whispers. "Speaking of which. Let's show the studboy what man-sex is."
He pushes me back toward the floor until I fall onto the softness of the throw pillows. He sinks to his knees and spreads my legs wide and stares at my erection. He looks up into my eyes and says, "I like doing this." He looks in my eyes again as he gently takes my cock in his hands. I push my hips up to him, begging to be stroked and fondled. "No, no, no, big boy. You just watch." And he lowers his face down toward my shaft. As his eyes search for mine, he slowly runs his tongue from base to tip in one long stroke. He's always been so much better at this than I. I shudder as he repeats the action several more times. I close my eyes only once. I glance at Todd, slowly stroking himself, entranced.
With his hands John works up and down my cock, teasing me with a deliberately snailed rhythm. "Faster," I plead.
"No," he says. "We need to let junior know how awesome this can be. Just lean back. I'm in control."
"I disagree." I smile and tackle him, lifting him from his knees and forcing him back into the warmth of our plush carpeted and pillowed floor. I lock mouths with him, forcing my tongue between his lips. He greedily takes me in, tasting me and bringing me even closer. He moans as my kisses become nibbles on his neck and ears. Waves of pleasure undulate through me, through him, as I inch my way down his chest, my tongue lapping at his skin. He gyrates as I squeeze and pinch his nipples. I pull back and look in his eyes.
"Fuck me, Josh. Please."
Todd groans. My eyes dart to him and he's suffering. He wants to join in so badly. He's even inched his way, the bad boy, from the couch a little. I smile at him and continue with John.
My mouth finds his navel, then the middle of his chest, lightly tugging at his swollen nipples with my teeth and lips, flicking at them with my tongue until his breathing becomes more frantic and labored. Beneath me his hips move about in circles, in search for something to take away his dire need. He begins to push my head farther down his body. I oblige by continuing down into his nest of hair, just above his cock. I can smell him. His sweet musky, sweaty man-scent drifts to my nose and fills my nostrils.
"Please," he begs. And I finally thrust my mouth on him. He reaches for the back of my head and presses himself into me. His cock is deep inside my mouth, almost gagging me. "My God," he whispers. "Jesus. Please, Josh. I'm losing my mind. Fuck me. I need that cock of yours in my...Ahh--Christ! Suck me."
After a heated ten minutes of slow sucking and licking, I remove his cock from my mouth and lean back on my haunches. Todd is in purgatory. Both John and I look at him. He shudders.
John laughs, "C'mere, Todd."
Todd scrambles to John and presses a shaking mouth to his chest, kissing him with fury and fear. John looks up at me and traces the contours of my body with his eyes as Todd kisses. I run my hands all over Todd's muscled back. John's not nearly as defined as this boy is.
"I can't just watch any more," he mumbles in between kisses. "What are we going to do? I mean, would it hurt if I get fucked?"
"No, no. You'll be a top man today, boy," I say. "John'll let you have him. I'm gonna watch. Actually. Don't move." And I descend on the boy like a vulture. I want to taste that innocent, untouched ass of his. I spread his cheeks a little as he kisses John. I hear a soft grunt from him as my tongue runs along the back of his balls up near his pink aperture. It pulses. I smell soap and the subtle hint of musk. The hairs are so light around his hole, I can hardly tell he has them.
I run my tongue along the rippled, puckered skin. Tasting sweetness and feeling trembling. John is showing him how to suck cock while I gently probe the boy. Suddenly, I am inside, darting in and out, tasting the asshole of our new convert. Oh, Christ, it would be nice if I could fuck this kid. I sigh and pull back, letting John have his undivided attention.
John's eyes flash concern for a second. Without a word, and without Todd looking, he asks me if this is okay. I nod a yes with certainty
"I think you're not ready for it in your ass. Yet."
"Hurry," Todd says. "Put one on me now, John. A condom. Now."
John reaches behind him and finds one of the condoms. He unwraps it and places it snugly over Todd's cock. I thought he was going to come then and there. John leans back again and flips over to his stomach, raising his ass up to him as Todd takes his thick cock in his hands, lowering it closer to John's own pink opening.
"Wait, Todd," I say, the mother hen, "put some of this on your cock, son." And I rub KY all over his prick, feeling its hardness, its heat. The boy is ready to explode. This isn't going to take long at all. I could be mistaken, though. I kiss him sharply before I sit back to stroke my meat and watch.
I have a perfect view of the two. Todd rests the head just above John's asshole. And slowly, after a breath, Todd eases himself into John's asshole.
"Oh, my God." Todd cries.
John moans.
After the waves of the sensations subside, he turns his head to the boy. "Slow, Todd. That's it. Slow...oh, God." And Todd is inside him to the hilt. The boy remains still, then suddenly begins to thrust. John screams out again. "Jesus, yes. Oh, fuck me. God, your cock is so big. It's so big. I know you like my ass, don't you. Fuck me. That's it. Harder, stud."
Todd quickens his pace, careful to keep himself on John's plateau. Maybe the boy has control. As I watch, my cock surges with desire. And I can feel what Todd is feeling. I close my eyes and feel myself fucking John. I am Todd. For the next few moments, I am Todd.
I am Todd.
The walls of his ass clamp around my cock like a vice, massaging me and stroking me--nursing me. My mind reels with a pleasure I have never known. John thrusts himself on me as my rhythms become more frantic. The speed of our hips a locomotive. The heat of our bodies a rich, earthy steam that envelops us. I cry out: "God, your ass is so tight. Take that cock, John. Take it all in. You want it, don't you?"
He lifts his ass higher to get all of me inside him; I am pumping into him like a madman, impaling him and burying myself within his softness. Like two stallions, we buck and jerk as our bodies merge. I pull him up to me as I sit on my haunches again. John reaches around and grabs my ass for support as I fist his cock.
I am me again.
I am Josh.
And I need to suck on John's prick while he gets fucked by Todd. I slide beneath John and taste his rod. John and I 69 each other as Todd fucks him. Todd seems to have more control of his movements now. And we're all fucking and sucking, gaining a peculiar rhythm. Our own cadence. I smell sweat and ass and men fucking men. I feel my cum rising again as we fuck each other. As we get sucked. As our cocks are pumped. I feel heat and water and slickness. I hear Todd's shaky voice moaning. I hear my groans become louder. I feel the vibrations of John. And we're going faster and faster. John screams as Todd starts to slam into his ass. His voice is low and guttural until he finds his words. "Jesus, Todd! I'm...I'm...oh, God! Yes, Todd! Come in me, baby! God!" John lets out a cry of complete ecstasy as he empties his semen into my mouth. It runs down my throat in large clumps. I can't breathe.
I'm fucking coming again. "Christ, John! I'm coming! God!" I explode inside his mouth. Our thrusts and cries subsiding into moans and heavy breathing, and then Todd screams as he releases into the rubber sheath that separates him and John.
The room is silence itself. We are intertwined in a tapestry embrace, our legs and bodies interwoven, the powerful smell of semen and sweat perfuming the air, and the gentle murmur of breath and air and the luxury of numbness. We don't stir for what seems like an hour, easy dozing drones in and out in lifting waves.
"You okay with this?" I hear from John.
"Kind of odd," I answer. I lift my head to see Todd spooning John's back. "Did he pull out of you?"
"Yep. He's got a little puddle on the rug, I'm sure. You hear him?"
"Mmm. Cute snore. Should we wake him?"
"Naw. Let him sleep. This was interesting."
"Kiss me."
"You come here, bitch. I got man-boy's stud arms around me. I'm pinned."
I kiss my lover, feeling an almost-pang of jealousy, and then I plop down on my side next to him, inching my ass and back to his stomach and cock. He wraps a strong arm around me as we both fall asleep to the sweet hum of the boy's dreamy sighs.

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