Erotic Fiction by Navarre -- 04  

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Erotic Fiction by Navarre -- 04

by Navarre

Amber sat on a weathered park bench one cloudy afternoon smoking her cigarette. Camels. No filter. Bitch with brass balls. Wrapped in the blanket of private thoughts, oblivious to the presence of the mysterious man watching her. Amber fixed her eyes on the last butt she had expectorated a moment ago. Chain smoking. Great habit. Cancerous habit. Gunk the lungs with all kinds of goodies. Fuck it. Loneliness does that to a girl. Makes her smoke. Smoking and inhaling it and exhaling it. Carbon monoxide from hell.
She finished her second stick. "Just like a penis. Screws you up just like dick."
Look up into the hazy sky. Light another cig. Smile. Amber felt another presence somewhere around her space. Peripherally, she sensed him. Her personal space extended many meters about her. Accustomed to the detached area in which she interacted and observed and lived. But detached. From trusting. From health. From life. Personal space. Oxymoronic, actually. Nothing personal any more. People give each other blow jobs in alleyways, fuck on park benches, mug you, you.
Personal space, my ass.
An invisible force field quasi-protecting her and warning her. That's it. Personal space as smoke detector. Field alerts her to anyone who breaches it. Usually, she even senses the type of person who invades. Tremendous barrier she's adopted since Kevin.
"Asshole," she muttered to herself. A shadow moved from behind the wide oak tree that hung like knobby arthritic spiders overhead.
The shadow spoke: "May I sit down, or are you waiting for your asshole? Or was that comment spat at me?"
Amber shuddered. The shadow was, what, British? Irish? She loved accents, especially thick brogues. This man, dark complexion, gipsy-like, this man that now occupied the empty seat next to her, was the kind of man she only saw on television.
"I've been watching you," he confessed as he removed his long wool coat.
"I know," Amber stated, shuddering, frightened a bit, glancing at a nearby picnic table. Huddled birds in a melee for food scraps. Pigeons. Related to the dove, ironic. You can eat dove. Pigeons are full of worms. Flying rats, she heard a friend of hers from London tell her. "For about how long?"
Kevin's a flying rat.
"Well, a few moments behind the tree, but about an hour from over there." He pointed to the gazebo that marked the entrance to the park. A small family had gathered inside now. The man draped the coat across his lap.
"Why in hell would you watch me for that long? All I was doing was--"
"Smoking. Yes, I know. Peculiar habit, smoking. Sensual habit, actually. In a health-threatening way. But then again, everything’s health-threatening." Too much enunciation. "Wish I could exist and just not worry."
"Light?" Amber proffered her small box.
"No," said the man as he scratched under his unshaven face. Amber noticed he had bright green eyes. "I have been wondering, Miss, if you were waiting for someone or pining for someone. You already stated that you aren't waiting for someone, so I wonder who's the young man with whom you ended your relationship? I'm a good listener."
Amber was aghast. "How did you--Do I know you? Do you know Kevin or something? Did he send you to spy on me? What is this shit?"
"Then what do you want?"
"What if I told you that I was a pervert? Well, pervert's rather harsh. Make amends, friends. Amends, as Robin Goodfellow would say. Let's say I'm what society would term..." choosing his words carefully,"...a sexual deviant."
Amber looked at him. Too arrogant, too refined, too educated. "Huh. How nice. I wouldn't believe you. You look too good. Who the hell are you?"
"Someone. Nobody. I find you extremely attractive, so I wanted to speak with you as you pined for--"
"Why me?"
"--for your young man who obviously didn't know how to treat you. I, myself, don't know how to treat women, either. Or men for that matter. I usually remain aloof from my surroundings unless someone I find intriguing passes into my field of vision. You had been seated here for a while, but, I must confess, I had followed you from where you parked outside of the Italian restaurant. Hmm. Speechlessness doesn't become you, Amber. You were quite a chatterbox to that dashing young man who waited on you next door to the Italian restaurant. I'm assuming you prefer the taste of American grill to Italian cuisine. Otherwise, you would have been sitting serenely outside under that big umbrella with the red and white checkered table cloth next door to that deplorable excuse for an eating experience. You must hate Italian."
"Jesus Christ, how do you know all this?"
The man leaned over to Amber. He thrust a finger next to his eye. "I am an excellent judge of character and a keen observer, Miss. I must also say that I'm a voyeur and an exhibitionist, as well. I've had quite an erection looking at you all day."
"You're sick," said Amber, understanding his meaning as she stood. "I don't talk to creeps."
"Please," the man pleaded as Amber walked away three quick paces from the bench. She turned around to face him. "I won't harm you. I won't touch you." His arrogance had faded. He looked alone and immature and boyish in his attempts to remain in control. He gazed all around him. "How can I? Here? See? I don't know how to treat a woman. That's obvious."
"Please. I've wanted to speak with you all day. Conversation. Don't deprive me of this luxury, Miss Amber."
"How do you know my name?"
"I dug out the receipt of the restaurant bill you had thrown away in the trash receptacle at the entrance to the park. Visa. Local bank. Shall I tell you the number? I memorized it."
"No. Why should I stay here? You're fucked-up. I mean it too. And there's several policemen around."
"I know this, Amber. I am not an idiot. That's why I would never harm you. As I stated before. Please. Stay."
Amber, intrigued by his mystery and his dark face, slowly made her way back to her seat. She was miserable without Kevin, so talking to the man was at least a diversion. "For what?"
"Just answer me a few questions, Miss--" the man lilted his voice as he lifted his wool coat a little. Amber peered under the coat and saw the man still had an erection. His penis lay up toward his navel. It was enormous. She gasped.
She lit another cigarette, knowing she was about to do something she had never done before. She felt her personal barrier accommodating this stranger for whom she held a sudden compassion. And fear. And contempt.
And even desire.
The man leaned back and closed his eyes, burying his hands under the wool coat. He let out a long sigh and then whispered: "Tell me about your...relationship with Kevin."
Amber shot her head around toward the man, who was oblivious to her. She exhaled a puff of smoke. "Kevin was, oh, how can I say it? A fuckin' dog, for one. And he was...I guess...a great fuck too. It's hard for me to think about making love to him, considering we never made love. We fucked from the first. But I loved him. He said he loved me too, but...I could never tell with him. When I first saw him, he was dressed in his favorite Goodwill shirt, faded jeans, thick boot-shoes. His hair was in total disarray, but his whole get-up made him seem almost angelic, in a devil sort of way. His style was almost-grunge style. And he had the most incredible smell about him. Kinda like cloves, marijuana, and sandalwood. All mixed. The smell permeated everything he wore. And it was almost his natural smell.
"We fucked that first night I met him. I'm a whore when it comes to sex. And men who smell good."
"Tell me about it."
Amber threw away her butt and lit another smoke. Her hands were trembling, but she was willing to pursue the q and a. Amber chuckled at herself for thinking to divulge to this stranger her own private life with Kevin, the tender monster. She smiled in spite of herself as she continued.
"We were at a dance club, so he was with his friends and I was with my friends. I had a short skirt on, my dark hose. I watched him move his way to me by the middle of the evening--"
The man opened his eyes and earnestly looked at her. "You're lying. I want the truth. The truth or this won't work. This won't work at all."
"But I am--"
"No, Amber. You don't want to let me in on how you threw yourself at and worshipped him the minute you saw him. Tell me why and how you fucked him that night."
Amber coughed, choking on the smoke of her own cigarette. She was nervous now and a little frightened. But the stranger leaned back, closed his eyes, and fumbled with himself under his coat. Amber swallowed and looked at her bag. I need to go, she thought. But I don't really want to. He's...he's--
"Talk," he whispered.
"I was at the bar, got a drink with my fake ID, and walked to the dance floor. I was there by myself, I was already intoxicated, but I was horny and wanted dick. I didn't care who it was. Hell, it didn't even have to be dick. Anyway, I was dancing by myself, I think it was to Depeche Mode or Olivia Newton-John, I can't remember, but I was dancing. And dancing, and you don't know that when I dance I get even more sexually aroused because I feel primitive and horny and ready to have sex. So, I'm dancing with my beer and then all of a sudden I smell him. In the middle of all the cigarettes and joints I smell cloves and sandalwood. He's behind me. And then he bumps into me. 'Sorry,' he shouts at me. But by this time he catches a look at me. He smiles. And then he turns to dance with me--totally fucking this other chick over. She walks away pissy and Kevin dances with me. I think he's cute, so I don't leave him until I tell him I've got to use the bathroom.
"I didn't know he followed me until I walked inside. I did my business and then I opened the stall. He was waiting by the sink. I had a better view of him in the bathroom, and he looked even better. He had locked the main door, so no one would disturb us. I walked over to him and kissed him. He knew it was coming so he grabbed my breast as I planted my mouth on his mouth. An incredible kiss. I'd never been kissed like that before. And his smell engulfed me as our mouths worked into each other. His hand was feeling my breast and my hips were grinding into his. I could tell he was hard. And at that point I was so horny and agitated and drunk that I didn't care. I was going to suck on his cock. And I never blow a guy. Never. I think it's disgusting. Anyway, I go down on him. I do it really quickly too, cause I want to go home with him. So I get on my knees for a second, unzip his pants, take his cock out and I just play with it a little bit with my lips and tongue. Enough to get him interested. There was a knock on the door, I got up, picked up my purse, and walked out the bathroom with him poking out of his jeans. I heard some chick scream when she went in there, but I didn't care. I was walking out the main door to the club, and I knew he was following me.
"I was in the parking lot, walking to my car when I felt Kevin breathing down my neck. I arrived at my car, hidden by some trees in the rear of the building, when I felt his hands on my breasts. And then I feel his mouth on my neck, on my shoulders, the backs of my ears. I'm getting wet just thinking about his cock again. And blowing him wasn't that bad. He didn't smell gross or anything, and it was rather nice teasing him. Teasing him was a good thing so far. One hand played with my breasts and then I felt the other work its way up under my skirt. He found out how wet I was and then he turned me around, smothering my neck and face with his kisses and bites. I moaned.
"I actually moaned, and I never moan. I feel the front of his shirt, untuck it, and run my fingers up inside, feeling the small hairs on his smooth chest. 'What's your name?' I whispered. 'Kevin,' he said.
"'Fuck me, Kevin,' I told him. The next thing I knew, we were in the back seat of my boat car, his cock is inside me, and I'm all but screaming out every name in heaven. And it wasn't that he was huge or anything, it's just that he could work it. I could actually picture what his cock in my cunt looked like. I could feel my muscles grip him and tug at him, and I knew I was driving him insane. So, we're fucking with passion and force and he has this incredible orgasm. I'm nailing his back and everything. He lets out a cry as I feel his cock pulse with the orgasm I give him.
"I wasn't worried about diseases or anything because I always carry condoms with me. Always. One time I got pregnant when I wasn't careful, so I--"
"Stop," the man said, not looking at Amber. "You were doing so well. So well. Just the sex. No condoms, no pills, no quickies. I can tell that you're a writer. But you're holding back. I want graphic details, Amber. Nothing but sex. Embellish if you have to, but keep the clinical out of it. That last part of your sexual history was titillating, but it was only an appetizer. I know you must have done some things with Kevin that would make sailors blush and priests stop playing with the choir boys. Your most depraved, please, Amber. Don't hold back, and don't worry about me. I won't lay a finger on you. And no one can tell what we are doing."
Amber took a deep breath. Remembering the sex with Kevin was like a vibrator on her erogenous zones. She could tell she was wet; there was now an incessant tingling in her groin. She shifted her weight and brought out another cigarette, trying to piece together her most depraved--
"We were going to a party. Kevin and I were living together by this time; we had known each other for a year. I was living at his place, stripping at The Derby, and having a wonderful time. Kevin's a writer too, but his stories are horror; the market's very competitive, so he didn't get a lot of money. He worked valet sometimes with his brother, sometimes he waited tables, and sometimes he wrote. Sorry. I digress. So, we go to this party under the assumption that I'm going to strip for his friend Alan, who didn't know he was having a stripper for his birthday.
"Alan's this really rich guy who has everything. He won a big jackpot on the Florida lottery one time, so we were driving up to his cabin in the lower mountains of Georgia. We got there, parked, and got out. We had been there many times before, so I pecked Kevin on his pouty lips and went around back to the kitchen entrance. I was surprised that some of Kevin's and Alan's other friends weren't there yet, but I didn't think any more about it after that. I had on a trench coat with a tank top and thong bikini underneath. I sat in the kitchen after opening the door--it's always open--and sat near the living room/kitchen swing door. I only heard the two men in the living room, whispering and carrying on like old friends, but I couldn't make out anything they were saying. My heart was beating, I was sweating because Kevin had the fireplace full blast, and I was wanting to get this over with. Kevin promised me if I did this I would get a big surprise. Normally, that meant all-night sex, which was a good thing, but he promised this was much better. I took him for his word, agreed to surprise his friend, and there I was, waiting for Kevin's signal. I shook my head in disbelief at what I was about to do, but the potential consequences even seemed worthwhile.
"I heard Kevin clear his throat, and then I slowly paraded out in the center of the living room. But what I didn't realize was they had planned something else for me to do. Just Kevin and Alan, you see, because they were both naked, lying on the floor like throw pillows, and they had huge grins on their faces. I smelled incense burning in every corner of the room while the fire cast an unearthly glow on the two guys. They were horizontal on the plush shag rug Alan had bought when he moved in. I was taken aback with surprise and anxiety all at once because I didn't really know what the two had in mind.
"'Don't mind us,' they said as they situated themselves closer to each other. And then I began to strip. The coat fell to the rug with a swish and I pranced to the other side of the boys, my back to the fire. I let it warm me as I caressed my body with my hands and fingers, making goose flesh ripple across my legs and arms. Making my nipples stand erect. I knew the two on the floor were getting excited. Alan's prick started to jump as I continued to parade for them. Then I slowly removed my T-shirt and tossed it onto Alan, who was howling and whistling at this time. Kevin merely clapped his hands and laughed. I was in my high heels, so I flung them against the wall. I shot a glance at Kevin, who smiled and nodded toward Alan. And then Alan, with his big, brown eyes gazed up at me and grinned.
"As I wavered above the birthday boy, I looked at his body. It wasn't cut like Kevin's, but it was muscular and lean, and he had good skin. His hair was in a ponytail and his cock was as hard as a pipe. And his cock was big. Not too long, but thick. It lay trembling in his dense mass of pubic hair as Alan looked at me. He was on his back, so I figured it was a perfect time to surprise him.
"When I strip, I only touch the guy's chest or arms or face. Sometimes the thigh. Never his dick. But they had been ruthless in their practical joke on me. I squatted down over Alan, hovering over him like an insect, and moved my body back and forth. I let my hands fall on either thigh and I spread his legs. Alan leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Kevin was still clapping as I got on my knees between Kevin's legs. His cock was plain to me now. But I wanted to continue with my plan. I suddenly grabbed it with my hands, and I impaled my mouth on his shaft. Alan's head jerked up as I began to suck him. Kevin let out a scream that I thought would break glass, but no one moved. Alan simply watched me sucking on his cock and Kevin only widened his eyes. In fact, I was looking at Kevin while I was blowing Alan.
"Suddenly, Kevin smiled at me. I stopped sucking Alan and looked down at my boyfriend's prick, which was now as hard as Alan's. Alan sat up and looked at his best friend. I looked at Alan. Kevin looked at me. 'Don't let me stop you two,' he said, crawling over toward me. 'I'll just remove these,' he sung as my bikini bottoms were pulled from me, 'and now anything goes.'
"At this time, I only could imagine what would follow. The games had now begun. Alan got up on his knees and told me, 'I didn't tell you to stop. Suck me.' So, again I swallowed his thick cock. It had a different texture than Kevin's, whose prick was, well, smoother, but it kind of tasted the same. I was bent over sucking on Alan when all of a sudden I feel my asscheeks being spread by a pair of hands behind me.
"Kevin opened me up and got beneath me. Suddenly I felt his tongue thrusting in and out of my cunt. I clamped down harder on Alan, who cried out with pleasure as I gripped his cock firmly between my tongue and palate. And what Kevin was doing...Christ, it was incredible. I felt his warm, velvety tongue caress my lips and clitoris as I sucked on his best friend's cock. Kevin's hands were running all over my ass as his mouth slithered all over my pussy. I was gulping down saliva as Alan moved his hips into me. And as I was getting eaten by Kevin and sucking on Alan I wondered if I would feel guilty when it was all over. I had always been curious about being with two men, but I didn't think it would happen tonight. But Alan was tasting good, and Kevin's tongue was marvelous, and I didn't want it to stop. I only fantasized about this kind of encounter and now it was really happening. Suddenly, Alan plucked his cock from my mouth and told Kevin to get up.
"I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. And looked at the two men, who were sweating now in the heat of the room. I watched a bead trickle down Alan's smooth chest as he spoke to me. 'Lie on your back,' he commanded. I gulped and obeyed. I closed my eyes for a moment, expecting to be devoured by two, hot tongues, but nothing happened. Minutes passed. I was so goddamn hot. I didn't even notice that my hand was deep within my pussy, feeling around and pulling at my lips. It was then I felt the tongues of the men on my arms, legs, thighs, neck, nipples, breasts. I felt my legs being parted by Alan who ate me as Kevin straddled my chest and thrust his cock in my mouth.
"I spread my legs more for Alan, who is earnestly drinking in my melted fluids. I feel him thrust his fingers inside me, exploring me. I moan with Kevin's cock down my throat. The feelings are brutal. So primal. My knees tremble as Alan eats me, and my pleasure is heightened more as Alan suckles on my hard clit. And now, for the first time, I am actually enjoying Kevin's cock in my mouth. I actually can enjoy his small drops of come on my tongue. So, I suck on him harder, the way I sucked on Alan. Kevin lets out a small cry as I pull him into me. I moan again as Alan builds me to a higher plateau. I am almost crying from pleasure now, and I think that it doesn't--can't--get any better. Nothing could feel more delicious than my boyfriend's cock in my mouth and Alan's tongue in my cunt.
"I closed my eyes and took in every movement, every action. My whole body was alive now with sensations I'd never experienced. Alan stopped and Kevin got off my chest. I was at a height I've never been at before and they both stopped. 'Don't,' I begged. 'I want a sandwich,' said Kevin, who stood up. 'Alan?' And Alan lay on his back. 'Fuck him,' Kevin told me. I scrambled over to Alan, who had his cock positioned vertically for me to sit on it. I do as I'm told. I swallow more spit as I linger above his prick. I don't worry that it'll hurt me, I'm so wet and open now. It's just that I had never let someone else have me while I was with someone else--'Do it!' Kevin told me. And I let myself down on his thick cock, taking it in to the hilt. I feel like it's poking my throat, but the pleasure is incredible. I lean forward and start to fuck his shaft. I cover my mouth with his as we fuck, as he enters me and makes me moan and shudder like I was in heat. I feel like I need it. 'Harder,' I whisper, as he pumps me.
"But this is only a teaser of what happens next. I'm going crazy on Alan's cock and I cry out for him to do it faster and harder. Then I feel Kevin behind me, pinching my nipples. Alan whispers for me to lean forward some more and inserts his index finger in my mouth. As I lean forward, I feel Kevin's cock resting above my ass. I am too occupied with the incredible feel of Alan's cock that I don't notice that Kevin is slicking himself up as well. 'Fuck me, Alan,' I scream as he plunges in me. And then I feel Kevin's cock near the aperture of my ass, right outside, ready to come in. I breathe in and relax as best as I can, because I know what is going to happen...And Kevin shoves his cock in my ass, filling my pelvis with his meat. I'm rocking back and forth between the two cocks as I fuck them, and my mind is spinning. Kevin's prick hurt at first, but now it only heightens what Alan is doing to me. I've never experienced something like this, and I can hardly breathe, but their cocks are so hard and feel so good that I scream from the onslaught of my impending climax. I feel it rising and I cry out, 'Yes, fuck me. I'm coming. God, Christ!'
"I shake as the first wave hits me. I let out a slow easy groan as Kevin suddenly goes rigid. I feel him release his come in me as he falls on my back. And suddenly Alan lets out a small shriek as he fills my pussy. And I'm still coming. Over and over my body shakes and quivers with spasms. And...then we--"
"You may stop now, Amber."
Amber looked over at the stranger, who seemed exquisitely pleased.
There was silence. "And what does this do for me?" she asked, feeling the moistness between her legs.
"I told you I wouldn't touch you. I didn't. I won't. But if you would like to ask me're more than welcome to."
Amber looked in his eyes and sighed. She felt her barrier shrink as she gazed at him. "May I borrow your coat?" she asked.
"Sure," he said, tucking his shirt in his pants. There was no evidence that he even masturbated.
"Oh. In a tissue I just tossed in the garbage bag behind us."
"Where did you get the tissue?"
"I always carry tissue. Like you carry condoms, I suppose."
"Oh," Amber said, pulling the coat over her legs. "So, what is your name?"
"Hmm. Let's see..."
"Oh, you don't want me to know...your--"
The man interrupted her with a smile and a touch to the tip of his nose. And then: "Ted," the man replied.
"So, tell me, Ted. Tell me about your most incredible sexual experience."
"Well, I don't think I can give the details like you can but it all started when I decided to watch this young woman smoking her cigarettes..."

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