Erotic Fiction by Navarre -- 03  

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Erotic Fiction by Navarre -- 03

by Navarre

My lover and I were cleaning out the remains of her shoddy apartment when we stumbled on an old, forgotten box of sentimental tokens and memories she had garnered over years past. My beauty smiled at me and said, "You know, Alan? I haven't seen this box since I first moved in this dump seven years ago." She was beaming with excitement. "There's no telling what I have in here."
I glanced sideways at her as we squatted down and hovered over it. She had untucked her T-shirt from her sweat pants, which were soaked to the skin. Her shirt was clinging to her body like a second skin, revealing the subtle outlines of her nipples. I smiled at myself, suddenly wishing her shirt had been white instead of red. No matter, I had already seen what was inside. She wiped a salt drop from her eye with a finger and grinned at me. "Do you wanna open it?"
I looked at her. "We really have to move, Baby." I began to stand, but then I felt a firm hand on my arm. I sat again, reveling in my spontaneous lust for her. "All right, let's have a peek."
With wild, Christmas-flavored ecstasy, Lisa tore the string that bound the box's contents and opened the flaps of the yellowing, dusty cardboard. "Wow," she whispered. "Jesus, I've got some relics in here. Looky here: Elton John glasses...Janis Joplin eight track. Eight track?!" She screamed in disbelief.
"What's this?" she asked herself, taking out what looked like an old invitation.
"What's it say?"
" 'You are cordially invited to the 1977 Tenth Annual Blackfriars Meet-' Oh, my God."
"What?" I asked. She seemed dazed and lost for a second, as if she were trying to piece together a mystery or a puzzle.
"It was a secret club," she wistfully chimed in.
"Lisa, what is this?" I grabbed it and turned it over in my hands. I was extremely curious about this little gem of a secret.
"Give it back," she said, extending her strong arm in front of me. I reluctantly placed the invitation back in her fingers. She smiled and all but snatched it back to her. Lisa looked like a rascal. "You wanna hear a story about an incredible orgy?"
"Orgy? You were in an orgy? Isn't that a little risky?" I asked, trying not to sound aroused. God, I wanted to touch her breasts.
"Well, now it is. But read the date of the invitation--1977. We didn't have any serious diseases back then. Still free love, free sex, free pot. I had just turned eighteen. I was young and horny as hell. I'm sure you know all about that, Stud. You've told me stories. Well, now I've got one for you that'll blow your socks off. Maybe more later."
I grinned. Ah, I may get to suckle those tits yet. She shifted her position slightly, resting her firmly shaped ass on the carpet. She suddenly pulled her shoes and socks off and then removed her sweat pants.
"I'm hot," she said.
I must confess it was hot, but then again, so was she. I removed my shirt in hopes she would do the same. She didn't. I almost moaned when she didn't reciprocate my action.
"I had just moved here when I received this invitation from my new friend, Gregor. He was hot. Damn. And built almost like you. He had long, wavy, blond hair...a cleft in his chin...hazel eyes...a cock that would give anyone a heart attack. And he was, more or less, my new boyfriend, I guess. I fucked a bunch of other people, but he and I were definitely an item."
I guess I'm one of those rare guys who don't get threatened when their girlfriends talk about other guys' cocks or fucks. I have to admit, I am definitely turned on when my girlfriends tell me about their past sexcapades; it usually leads to something much more than talk. So I tried to imagine Lisa and this guy Gregor. I tried to imagine how she looked when he was fucking her or sticking his cock up her pussy. Or even better...imagining how she looked with someone else fucking those mammoth tits of hers.
"Anyway, he gave me this invitation one night and said, 'Think about it. Tell me tomorrow.' 'What is it?' I asked. He grinned. 'An orgy.' Without hesitation I said, 'I'm there, baby.' 'Good,' he said. And that was it. I had never been to an orgy before. I haven't since, either. But this was something. I tell you I was excited. I masturbated every day just thinking' about it. The thrill of all these cocks and bodies and mouths and tits and cunts did me in. I was definitely in the mode for massive group sex. Man-woman, woman-woman, man-man, I didn't care. I was indescribably horny for this event. Well, the big night came, and Gregor picked me up at my place, and he drove me down to some hole in the ground about ten miles from the city.
"We parked in back...No...wait."
"All that sex made you senile," I joked.
"All right now, Stud. Well, we parked in the rear."
"I bet."
"We got out of the car! And went to the closed door in back. I was nude under a trench coat I had bought just for this. Greg was openly naked--he was an exhibitionist. He knocked on the door as I looked down at his ass. I was playing with myself under my coat, building me to several climaxes and letting them subside. I was wanting to come in a big way. Preferably with Gregor's cock inside me. He knocked on the door again. No answer. I moved up in front of him, opened my coat, and rubbed my tits on his chest. If you think they drive you crazy, you should have seen him. He moaned as I moved closer. I peered over my tits and watched him play with himself. Christ, he felt good just breathing on me. I wanted to be fucked so badly there, Alan. So I grabbed his dick and began to stroke him. I was stroking as we waited for the assholes inside to answer. I remember this so vividly. Anyway, the slat in the door cracked. Gregor said, 'Rooster.' I released his throbbing member out from my hands, took off my coat (draping it over my arm), smiled, and waited for the door to open.
"Gregor moaned when the door creaked and the dull music and incense wafted to us, soft fingers tickling and teasing us, daring us to walk in. He stepped over the threshold. 'Come on,' he whispered to me. I could smell pot--droves of smoke tendrils made their way toward me. In the back of the 'club' I could make out about thirty or forty people lounging and draping over each other. I saw several young men and women about my age on the dance floor. Some were fucking, some were sucking, some were being sucked, some were being fucked. Every guy had an erection. And all the girls had huge tits. I swear, after that, I wondered if I would turn lesbo. 'Heaven,' I said. Then the door closed behind me."
"I wouldn't care if you turned lesbo on me. Just let me watch," I said, my hand slyly moving over my hardening prick. Lisa smiled and I saw her remove her drenched panties and t-shirt. Her tits bounced and slowly jiggled as she settled back down. God, it was almost more than I could bear. I watched in amazement as her hands gently caressed each breast. I about blew my wad when her nipples stood out, the light brown areolas slowly shrinking to accentuate the small pink nubs of her nipples. While intoxicated with wonder I removed the rest of my drenched moving attire and continued stroking myself.
"How can I go on with you looking so awesome, Stud. Lemme suck it before I go on."
I smiled and nodded my head. "Just a minute or two." I wanted to hear the rest of the story.
She scrambled over to me and lowered her mouth over my rod. She stretched her mouth and moaned as she took my length into her. Christ, I wanted to explode.
"Enough," I said and plucked my dick from her mouth. "The story."
"All right," she said, disappointed. "So the door closes and I'm standing there, naked, and then I give the valet my coat. He looked awesome too. Gregor grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. We listened to a little disco, slow and fast, we danced for an hour or so. We kept teasing each other. He would suddenly start sucking my tits, or I would suck his cock. We switched to other guys and girls around us, watching each other all the while. This stud from Seattle was fucking me--he came all the way to this club--as this blond guy was fondling my breasts. His tongue was working inside my mouth as I was getting my cunt plugged by this hot guy from the coast. Shit, it was heaven. While I was in my little group I was watching Gregor getting his ass sucked by some red-head and his dick sucked by two or three blondes. All of them had big tits; all of them were letting him stick his cock between them. I heard his moans from across the dance floor. I heard everyone's moans. I suddenly felt the tongue-guy's cock up my ass and we all three fucked in this sick rhythm to 'Stayin Alive.'
"I had had enough. I watch jets of Gregor's come stream across the blondes, I saw come oozing from their mouths. I suddenly felt tongue-guy empty his load into me as I reached around to feel the ass of the piece that was in my cunt. He was rock hard and begging for a release. I moved my hands furiously over his cheeks and slowly worked my finger in his asshole. Tongue-guy left and it was just me and this other guy. Suddenly I noticed the music had stopped and I was being watched by everyone. That's when I heard Gregor say, 'Stop.'"
Lisa looked at me stroking myself and continued:
"I suddenly did, pulled Seattle's rod outta me, and looked at him. Seattle let out a cry as semen spilled from his reddened cock to the palm of his hand. I felt him wipe it over my tits as Greg snatched me and practically dragged me to a darkened room. The cries of all the men and women were hurting my ears, but I didn't mind. Christ, I needed an orgasm. I noticed I was in a bathroom, equipped with tens of showers, rows of communal showers, when the lights suddenly hummed to a low dim. The water was turned on as everyone lined up in rows along the walls. All was heard now was the spray of the water. We were all wet in seconds. Greg took my arm and whisked me to the center of the shower room. He screamed, 'Soap up!' and then everyone began to wash. They washed themselves, each other, removing all the semen or cunt juice that had remained on their bodies after fucking. I was washed. Greg spoke when everyone was clean.
"'As Master of the Ceremonies, I think it's time we welcome our latest member into the Blackfriars Club. Lisa, as a new member you have only one obligation, well, two, rather: to suck and get fucked. Boys, girls, welcome your new sister.'
"The next thing I knew everyone had lined up to either get their cunt eaten or stick their cock in my mouth or my ass. I was fucked by everyone. Gregor was the first to fuck me, then Seattle, then the valet, then everyone else. Gregor got in line again to have me suck on his rod while someone else was pumping my ass. I never swallowed anyone's come, nor did anyone fuck my pussy. The three blondes came over to me and demanded my strictest attention. I suckled their tits, running my tongue over all of them, I ate them out while they were tonguing my ass and clit. I was doing so much at once, I wasn't even thinking about me. The floor was hard and painful on my knees and feet, but I didn't care. I wanted to come so incredibly bad, but Gregor had whispered to me that I couldn't come yet. I had to focus on the others.
"I sucked on cocks and cunts. Some huge tits. And I was being fucked and stretched like you wouldn't believe. About two hours later, I was weak and unable to support myself. I couldn't feel my ass or my mouth. But my cunt. Jesus, I wanted to come so badly, but I didn't--I wanted to please Gregor.
"Everyone left the shower room, except Gregor, who remained with me to revive me and wash me again. There was so much come around me and on me, that's all I smelled. He took his time washing me down. Then he lifted me and carried me to the middle of the dance floor, where a feather bed was waiting for me. Everyone was around the bed and standing together. Greg dried me off with a towel, powdered me with baby powder, and let me lean back into the softness of the bed. I wanted to sleep and I wanted to come. Gregor smiled at me and then settled down between me. He lowered his body on me and placed his cock inside me, and then with a fury I had never known I came. My body was rocking with the most incredible spasms. He moaned and then forced his wet dick between my breasts. I watched the head of him poke in and out between me until he shot a load into my mouth."
"Jesus," I said, stroking myself faster, "didn't this guy ever empty?"
"I think it was his last time. But I was just beginning. I had about four or five more orgasms before they were done with me. I was hot again the instant Greg got off me, then the next guy, the next girl, and so on. And they knew how to fuck. The girls knew how to suck. And that's about it."
I guess Lisa couldn't take it any more, watching me jerking off like that, so she threw herself at me. I caught her and then lowered my lips on her mouth, then worked my way slowly down and across her chest. Those incredible tits. I flicked my tongue over her nipples, teasing them and playing with them. "You feel so awesome," I said to her. God, I was wanting to titty-fuck her.
"Suck me, Stud. Make me come," she moaned. Lisa's one of those women who can get off just when her tits are sucked. I nibbled a little harder and played a little rougher. My hands were working furiously over them, squeezing and pulling, tugging and fondling. She moaned under me again.
I suddenly stopped and then grabbed the back of her head. "Now you suck me. Just like you did at the orgy. Suck my cock, Lisa. Make me come so hard that you choke." And she was sucking me. She rolled her tongue up and down my shaft. God, I was in heaven again. As before I pulled her from me and pushed her on her back. I rammed my cock between her tits and started to fuck them. She pursed her lips together and closed her eyes as she pushed her thick breasts together to create more friction for me.
"God, Lisa," I said as I shot my load under her neck. She dimly smiled at me and then suddenly convulsed as she came. I was dazed for a moment, but happy.
"I'm glad I didn't throw this box out. I'll never forget this," she whispered as I left her sweating body.
"Good. I'm glad. Now, let's take a shower," I said. "I got a strange feeling we aren't moving any more things today. Unless you have any more secrets in this box I don't know about."
She smiled as she allowed me to pull her up to me. "Maybe," she said.
Then she closed the lid to her box and followed me into the bathroom.

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