Conference Encounter  

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6/19/2006 9:01 am
Conference Encounter

Conference Encounter

It was a weekend of conferences to attend, my wife Lynn was preoccupied with all the preparations as well as making arrangements for her visiting doctors for their visit. As usual having been one of the most important conferences of the year, her boss just had to use her help to get every detail done.

The clock is ticking towards the start of the conference on a Saturday morning. Finally, the time has come. She was there early meeting with her colleague Daryn getting the final details up and ready.

Wearing a black just above-knee length A-skirt with a black chemise-like top with lace sewed on the bra shelf. The fabric fitted and grabbed her smooth tender body and her voluptuous breasts, giving a very sensual look. Covering with a dark purple blazer, makes her look all professional ready to kill any guys at one look.

As the clock ticks for noon, the pace in the conference hall was slow and few doctors had visited her company’s booth. The few of the Malaysian based colleagues and her began to chat about life, work and some usual gossips.

Time flies and lunch was done. Lynn returned to the booth after her quick meal. Now the crowd began to grow and she was entertaining and briefing several prominent doctors from various countries the benefits of the latest treatment and medications available. Since it was an Asia-Pacific region scope conferences, the doctors from all over Asia came.

Just as she was busying, a colleague from Malaysia came up quick to Lynn and said, “Hey, there’s a doctor standing there has been asking about you. Who you are and where you come from.” “Oh is it? What did he ask?” asked my wife. “Just wondering what you do and who you are. I think he’s interested in you.” My wife brushed off telling her colleague not to make such guess and she returned to her chores.

An hour or so, Lynn noticed that the doctor that was asking about her was still hanging around. She began to wonder but just as any thought could come to her mind, the doctor came up to her and introduced himself as “Doctor Jack Chan” and ask if she’s available for coffee. Lynn took a short thought and replied, “Yea, I guess I can get away for a short while and I needed a break from her long stand at the booth.” So she turned to Daryn to inform about her brief absence.

Lynn and Dr Jack left the conference hall and walked down to a café on the ground floor. Being the socialable person, Lynn started with Dr. Jack with small talks and getting to know him more. As they chat, they got more enthusiastic as though they’ve already done with the warm up and ready for serious chat.

They got to the café and a waitress showed them to the table which was by a corner few could ever notice. Dr Jack slid the seat for Lynn and took his seat opposite her. They made their quick order and continue with their chat understanding his personal and professional backgrounds.

Just as the drinks arrived and their conversation became more personal, Lynn felt something stroking her lower limbs. She used her right hand to kind of brush off thinking it was just something no big deal. After the brush, unknowingly Dr Jack started to ask Lynn more personal questions. Just as this take place, she feel something stroking limbs and her left thigh with her skirt pushed up a little. She took a look down and notice Dr Jack’s leg still stroking but readily retracting.

Lynn took a deep breath and said to Dr. Jack, “Please pardon me. I am actually married and not available. Furthermore I am not seeking any extra-marital fun with any doctors here. I will appreciate if you will stop the stroking as it is inappropriate and its gonna turn me on” Dr. Jack just took it as a regular information and continued, wanting to see the flush face on Lynn.

At this point, Lynn just could not think of anyway to stop this since the café is rather busy even though they were seated at a corner where few notice. She just didn’t want to offend this rather handsome but mature doctor who is also a visiting delegate from Malaysia. At the same time she just couldn’t resist that charismatic look from his eyes.

She then started to remember that I always said that she neither flirt nor know how to flirt even if it is something innocent. “Hmm…” she thought. This is not something gonna be innocent coz’ she’s just getting horny as the stroke becomes gentler and more persistent. She adjusted herself at her seat and unfold her legs, Dr. Jack took this opportunity to move in his foot to her inner thigh and nearer to her upper thigh were her already very damp pussy is readily receiving the only thing she wants to feel.

As this take place, she just had a quick flashback of the crazy sex she had with me. The night before we were fucking in the living room by the window on the sofa bench and a few hardcore bang from on top and rear in our bedroom and bathroom. With all these thoughts, she got even hornier and couldn’t resist any longer.

So she asked for the check, paid for the drinks and hurried Dr. Jack to come with her quick. Lynn could not wait no any longer because she has just recently got so much into being fuck anytime and all time. She grabbed hold of his arm and brought him to this secluded stairway off from public.

Even before Dr. Jack could know how to response or what to response, Lynn just grab him by his waist, kissed and nimble Dr. Jack’s neck and lips. Because he was 5’10 and my wife is just 5’4”, she had to stand 2 steps above to get to that rather surprising lips of his.

Without much hesitation, Dr. Jack reciprocated by French kissing her and put his fairly large hands on her left boobs. She could feel that nice massage on her boobs but could not feel the warmth. So she pushed him back and took off her jacket and dropped her spaghetti strap off her two shoulders readily for anything to come into her heated up body behind her top. With her eyes closed, she just let the very spontaneous Dr Jack to do his craft while she enjoy all the sexual pampering.

He gradually recline her on the steps and slide his warm large hands under the covered breasts, massaging her swelling boobs. In circular motion his hands were moving, the naughty fingers of his take their role in fingering her ever hardened tits, making her moan for more.

With little resistance or consciousness, Lynn put her left hand over the doctor’s neck and guided him down to the cleavage of her chest. Slowly she asked him to lick and play with her tits as he massaged her boobs with skill and rhythmic move. He obeyed her and began his tits licking and sucking while she moaned even more, feeling evermore hornier.

As he was enjoying his venture as a baby sucking her tits, he indiscriminately slide one of his hands down to Lynn’s stomach, playing for awhile, and follow down to her clit. “He is absolutely a sexpert,” she thought, as he press on that little switch on her clit to make her turned crazier than ever. She moaned, panted and whispered to him to fuck her. The doc didn’t obey this time. Instead, he slide down his face with his tongue licking her now sweat covered body to her cum filled pussy. He licked her clit and tongued her pussy causing her to moan louder and louder. Lynn couldn’t resist but just beg for a long yarned fuck yet he still refused to obey and she just continued to take all the extreme orgasms the doc is giving her. She just couldn’t tell that she is fucking someone other than her hubby because she was just enjoying this whole sexual adventure.

Since this stairway she chose happened to be one of the most unnoticed, barely anyone outside could here despite of the echo of moans fill the stairwell.

Before long, Lynn finally realized that she was leaning back on the steps with her black top rolled down below her exposed breasts with her tits wet and hardened, while her panties rolled down with her skirts up. Her pussies is now awfully wet with flowing cums. The nice doc release his belt, fly, took off his business pants and through his white brief’s opening, stick out his 1.7” thick, about 4” inflated cock came through Lynn’s clit and slide into her pussy.

She began to feel a sigh of relieve that she feel that thick cock gliding back and forth while moaning with all the thoughts about being fucked by her also very capable hubby who is not here. She moaned and panted as the doc fuck her deeper and deeper into her pussy and before she knows it, his cock is banging through the limit she had ever known and roar with great stimulation as she moan.

Momentarily, Dr. Jack panted hard and fast with some synchronized moans with Lynn and as if it was his last second alive, he took a heavy breath and could control no more but to allow his whole load of cum splashed into that extraordinarily tight but slippery pussy. He kept his cock lingered in my wife’s pussy and gave her a few tight hug with sweet tender French kisses as though she belongs to her.

Lynn opened her eyes finally and only to realize that she was almost stripped nude with a 5’10” man who is not her husband, on top of her reclined on the steps. Feeling a little embarrassed, she acted some pressure to her virginal muscles and pushed that deflating cock out. She looked at the steps with great surprised that a small but rather dense pool of cum and juice standing still below her pussy.

She glanced at Dr Jack with great satisfaction and gratitude but with shyness and embarrassment instill in her face. In her heart, she felt a creep of guiltiness but yet a sense of unforgettable satisfaction. Then Lynn said, “Thanks for the great adventure. You were very good in your craft. I enjoyed it a lot but this won’t be repeated again. By the way, I was just imagining that you were my husband so don’t expect I was actually fucked with you. I was just using your body and your cock.” Dr. Jack grinned and replied, “We shall see.”

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