Procrastination, procrastination, procrastination, procrastination, procrastination  

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1/6/2006 9:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Procrastination, procrastination, procrastination, procrastination, procrastination

Ok, so I am leaving in 28 hours to beautiful and sunny Cabos. I am on my computer at 11pm, I am screwing around. Not packing, not organizing, not getting ready... I am totally and completely procrastinating. Why? I don't friggin' know! Hmmm. Where's Dr. Phil when you need him!?

I am looking at my bed. It is piled high full of possible outfits to take along, swimsuits, tops, jeans, shorts, my dog is laying right in the middle of it all! She is sleeping away... ooops, she's having one of those "chasin' rabbits dreams", twitchin' and moaning. Wait, maybe she isn't chasing rabbits?! (naughty dog)

I still am not up to par, still have a sore throat, but my appetite has come back unfortunately. I got my nails done today... sexy french manicure, very short though- I don't like them too long, they could hurt and scratch someone or something very important!

Ok, I guess I should get going here. I at least have to get the bed part done so I get get to sleep. I have an appointment in the am to get my hair done and get my legs waxed... hmmm silky. (((tease)))

The Naughtiest Nurse You'll Ever Know...


im_curious_4u 51M

1/7/2006 10:25 am

I'm imagining Naughty all oiled up laying on the beach. Her silky smooth skin glistening in the hox Mexican sun. A dark haired gentleman, who looks remarkably like me, walks up with two drinks and says "Hello Senorita. Would you care for a cool drink? I bought a Pina Coloda and a Margarita. I couldn't decide which one I wanted so I got them both."

Naughty ~ Oh why yes handsome sexy stranger, thank you. I'll have the Margarita.

Handsome sexy stranger ~ You're welcome. It's my pleasure to meet you. My name is Juan (not really, but my real name doesn't translate into Spanish) my family owns the largest jumping bean factory in all of Mexico.

Naughty ~ Well Juan, I'm Naughty and you're making my bean jump right now. Would you please rub some lotion on me. I don't want to get a burn.

Juan ~ Yes I would love to. The Mexican sun is powerful, even at this time of year. Roll over Naughty and I'll do you from behind. I mean rub lotion on your behind. In fact it's traditional in Mexico on the day of the Feast of El Toro to do this naked.

Naughty ~ Oh well I don't want to break tradition.

Naughty slips out of her tiny bikini exposing an incredible body.

Juan ~ Oh Senorita you are even more beautiful than I had imagined. Your body is so perfect. You must workout everyday.

Naughty ~ giggling and smiling coyly. Thank you so much. I try to stay in shape.

Juan ~ Oh and what a shape it is.

I, whoops Juan straddles her ass and begins to rub lotion all over Naughty's body. His hands massage her back with expertise. She's amazed that someone so strong could be so gentle. Juan continues to stroke her body and she can feel Juan's manhood swelling as he begins to grind his hips into her ass.

Juan whispers in her ear ~ Senorita Naughty, why don't you roll over so I can rub you all over. I don't want to miss a spot.

Naughty does as he askes. Her pussy is dripping wet in anticipation to what is coming next. Naughty's legs are spred wide as Juan slides into her and begins thrusting his powerful hips. She has never felt anything like this before. Juan's cock is filling her pussy like no man before. Naughty arches her back skyward as Juan fondles her frim breasts. Yes! Yes! Her moans are echoing everywhere. They are so loud that it startles the donkeys in the market. One runs off still harnesed to a fruit cart. It knocks over the carts of other merchants as it runs wild. Oranges, Sombreros, and furry dice spill onto the street and passers by start a near riot fighting eachother for the spilled goods. None of this bothers the couple. My, I mean Juan's rhythm is unbreakable. Naughty's body begins to quiver as she orgasms not one or even twice, but more than she ever thought possible.

Naughty ~ Juan oh Juan! Don't stop, DON'T STOP! YES! YES!{/size]

Juan reaches his climax and fills Naughty with his hot spicey man gravy. The smell of sex fills the air around them. Naughty's head is spinning with pleasure and she tries to regain her breath.

Juan ~ Senorita Naughty, you are an incredible woman. I'm so glad to have met you. He kisses her softly and says Welcome to Mexico. Welcome to Mexico. Welcome to Mexico. It echos in Naughty's ears. She feels a hand on her shoulder.

Senorita, Senorita wake up. We've landed.

Naughty ~ Huh what?

Hot sexy flight attendant ~ We're here. How was your flight? It must have been good. You had a smile on your face the whole time. By the way who is Juan?

Naughty ~ Juan? Oh just someone I hope to meet soon.

Have a great time Senorita! I'm hoping you'll have some photos of the trip to share.

Juan, I mean im _curious_4u.

NaughtyNurseMn 50F
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1/16/2006 9:22 pm

OHHHHHhhhhh my .... THAT WAS FABULOUS! I loved it. I love the hot spicey man gravy part! : >

You are too funny, I loved it, loved it, loved it. The best! I did have a mexican gentleman on the beach try to seduce me, but he wasn't attractive at all. His name was Edwardo and he was trying to sell me silver jewlery, "Almost free" he told me that he would give me "two for the price of one and throw in a massage", he kept trying to convince me I needed a massage and that it would help me to relax my last day. I had a bikini top on with a coverup skirt and when he approached I didn't realize I was showing a lot of breast! He noticed though and was enjoying it a little too much for my comfort, especially since I was by myself. Normally this would fit into a nice little fantasy, but not with Edwardo- not cute AT ALL!

Thank you again!

The Naughtiest Nurse You'll Ever Know...


im_curious_4u 51M

1/17/2006 8:45 pm

Thanks I aim to please, and I'm glad you liked it. I was disappointed that I messed up the sizing. I wish they had a post preview. I guess it still had the desired effect.

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