The Construction Site...  

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4/3/2006 9:56 am

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The Construction Site...

There is a new construction site and I’m to show up for work and see new supervisor. You are 6", with a muscular build and a definite bulge between your legs. I take things slow to start, scoping out the new job site and you. One day you ask me if I can stay over-time, after everyone else leaves for the day, to look over the latest prints from the head office. You say there are a few things that you do not understand and feel I can help you figure it all out.

I enter the construction trailer wearing those familiar coveralls but something is a little different. As I approach your desk, you notice a lot more skin than usual is showing at the top of the bib. And this is because I’m not wearing a top and my ample breasts are straining to the sides of the bib. As I come into the office I walk over to the prints laying on the table and bend over to take a look. I give you an eyeful of my cleavage and you can actually see my nipples, as the bib falls away from my breasts. My nipples are hard as erasers and they look like they could use some attention.

You get up and come up behind me. You look over my shoulder and as you do, you press the length of your body up against my back side. I can feel the bulge in your pants. As I look at the prints, your hands reach down to either side of my bib and you start rubbing my tits. You push further into my bib until you are rubbing my nipples and I begin to moan. You continue to rub and I push back and begin gyrating against your cock with my ass, though we are still clothed. You reach to the top of my bib and unbutton both sides. They fall from my body and I then step back and let them fall to the floor. I have no panties on, so there I was completely nude, except for my white socks and construction boots.

You begin again by kissing the back of my neck, working your way down to the small of my back. You kiss down my ass cheeks and as I bend over the table again your tongue finds my anus. You lick a little and I begin to squirm. You kiss a little further down and go right to my swollen cunt lips. I am so wet and taste so good. You fuck my pussy with your tongue, making sure to give my clit a good going over. I climax and cum filling your mouth.

Without a word your tongue is replaced with the head of your swollen cock as the heads begins to enter me. I push back hard, pushing your 7in. cock all the way into my waiting hole. You fuck me and perfectly fill my hot, creamy pussy. I am in ecstacy and scream out as I cum again. The cum from my pussy flows out and onto my ass. You finger my asshole and massage in some cum to lubricate things a bit. Then you go on to push your hard cock into my tight little ass. I whimper a bit because it hurts but in a good way. You slowly fuck my ass in and out until your cock is fully filling up my ass. You fuck me for another 5 minutes, until neither of us can hold out any longer and we both cum, filling my ass with our juices....


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