Now Let's Jump Ahead A Bit...............Part II Chapter 2  

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Now Let's Jump Ahead A Bit...............Part II Chapter 2

Marc had always made it a point to be the center of attention when it came to his friends, so for the guys to be over to our place on any given day until any given hour wasn’t surprising. Marc, while taking my feelings into consideration had always believed that by his friends coming over to see him would be more accepting than his always being out with them. Long ago it was agreed we’d do whatever we must for our marriage to survive by trying to alleviate unnecessary drama. And for the most part it worked though there did come a time when this was no longer a matter of concern to Marc and his presence at home became minimal.

Alex didn’t appear to pay any attention to me as he sat on our living room sofa with the other guys, while they entertained themselves playing the Playstation 2. Marc’s close knit inner circle was comprised of only those individuals whom he considered to be “real” friends. Mitchell Grayson, his best friend and Mark, who was one of Mitch’s best friends, along with the newest additions to the clique, Raynard and Alex, both of whom were coworkers of Mitch’s. All were cookie cutouts of each other as far as their resemblance to one another went. However Alex Matheson was the exception. When he first began coming around with Mitch, who’d been one of Marc best friends for years and like the others, I’d barely paid him any mind. It was weeks before I finally did. There was something about him that I found to be undeniably fascinating and his tongue ring intrigued me. I found myself often looking at him through longing eyes. He became my fixation, my fantasy.

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