ME...As A DOMME????  

NaughtyKittyII 45F
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3/16/2005 10:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

ME...As A DOMME????

I'm really considering becoming a DOMME, always been placed into the role, so why not go with it???

So, the plan is to be "properly trained" as such...And let's see what happens...

Kisses XOXO


rm_digits1000 63M

3/16/2005 11:55 am

That sounds adventurous for one with a spirit like yours , , , that being unknown ground to me I am interested in your thots about it--why, fantasies and feelings of pleasure. Will you be sharing this with your readers? Undoubtly you shall become the ultimate as dictated by your personality to achieve, experience and perfect not just for you, but for you partner(s)

ReadyToTango46 58M
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3/16/2005 1:57 pm

Please beat me Mistress.

LOL. I think being a DOM or a DOMME (I assume that's male and female, respectively) needs to come naturally. It's the DOMME's job to do the training.

Cathy_Dave 55M/55F

3/16/2005 3:24 pm

Go for it....Have a friend that is into being a Dom and loves it...sure you will too.....Cathy

mnfun952 103M

3/16/2005 3:34 pm

could be cool...and I'm sure you would look AMAZING wearing a strapon.

NeddloveIAMTHEON 45F

3/18/2005 11:49 am

well kitty you can domme me anytime...kisses

rm_SBMKennyOral 62M
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3/22/2005 7:05 am

Hello Kitty, go for it. You would be perfect. Men run corporations, but you still have us by the Balls! My last domme was petite, about 5'5" 120 and looked very sexy in leather. You turn us on Big Time on your profile! Making us wait on pleasure and controlling the situation makes me horny. I will see you. Leah says hello also.

SirMounts 103M

9/20/2005 7:57 am

Well sure. I'll train ya. *wink*

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