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2/24/2005 6:23 am

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After my recent post concerning "Infatuation" and the "Sexually Free-Spirited Woman", a chat buddy of mine posed a multi-faceted question to me, one that of course, touched on the subject that these topics always seem to come right back around to...And it got the ol' wheels in my brain rapidly turning again.

And these were the questions asked:

"Is it possible to BE IN LOVE" with someone while harboring LOVE for another???"

"Can you LOVE or BE IN LOVE with more than one person??? Is that NORMAL or even RIGHT???"

"And what about the "CROSSOVER"??? When does it go from the person that you LOVE to the person that YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH???"

Though, I knew what my answer would already be...I still had to stop and thoroughly think that over. And the conclusion that I came to was this...

YES...I believe a person can certainly LOVE more than one person (for that is something that is left up to that particular individual and how they...themselves define LOVE) but when it comes to BEING IN LOVE...that SHOULD only be reserved for one person...that one "special" person.

Even if YOU'RE IN LOVE with your significant other and the BOTH of you partake in...let's say "swinging" least something has to remain sacred. It's easy to share your body with someone...(and that's not saying that this is always done in "group" settings but even on a one-on-one basis) but your HEART should always only belong to whom it is intended.

A person can indeed LOVE spending time with someone...LOVE having conversations with a person...and even LOVE having sex with them but to actually try to maintain BEING IN LOVE with more than one individual would only bring about chaos. (And that is in my own opinion!!! I knock no one for what THEY do).

To try to actually love 2 different (or more) people at a time, wouldn't be considered FAIR in my books. Not fair to that person and certainly not fair to one's self. What's special about being IN LOVE with someone and nothing remains sacred??? Especially when the heart of the person that you LOVE...doesn't solely belong to YOU. answer is both a YES and a NO. You can LOVE or BE IN LOVE with more than one person at a just wouldn't be truly beneficial in the long run to either parties involved.

And it's funny how the word "NORMAL" always seems to find its way into these topics. Society always seems to play a major role in everyone's lives and choices. Though, society would say to BE IN LOVE with more than one person would not be "NORMAL"...I most certainly do not believe that it is "RIGHT"!!! Not "RIGHT" for society to always dictate what we do...not "RIGHT" for those to be so judgmental and involve themselves in things not concerning them. If no one is getting hurt...or even if they's all about CHOICES...and FREE WILL (the power TO CHOOSE) more power to you.....

A person is going to LOVE whomever they LOVE...there is no way around it and far be it from me to try to tell someone who they can't LOVE.

In conclusion...people have always done whatever they wanted and they're most definitely not going to stop doing it now.....I say...TO EACH IT'S OWN!!!

Oh...and about that "CROSSOVER".....that's a question I truly cannot answer...Though I'd like to believe that this would be something that would simply happen NATURALLY...(oops...there's that word again... Funny how it just keeps poppin' up...LOL

Let me hear it People!!!

Kisses XOXO


redswallow777 49M
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2/24/2005 12:35 pm

Whew....I think I can boil it down to one phrase for hurt no one. If I accept your definitions of what it is to "love" and "to be in love" with someone I could certainly see the possiblity of being in love with more than one person at one time. I think you would have to have some remarkable people to have this situation. Personally I find it to be a full time job to be in love with someone. I don't think I could be in love with two persons and give them their due. I can only imagine that it would make things at least twice as complicated.

Think about all the cultures that accept having more than one wife or husband. They have worked for centuries. The question I would ask, perhaps, is whether there is the strong bond between between partners that we can have in our culture.

Very interesting questions naughty.

Apolybear 55M

2/24/2005 7:49 pm

You should do a google search of "polyamory." There's a slew of literature on loving more than one person at the same time. Also, check out my Blog - I've got some comments on non-monogamy you might find interesting - or not.

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