Here's A Little Game I Like To Play!!!  

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Here's A Little Game I Like To Play!!!

This Is Always Really Fun...And Breaks The Monotony Of The General Consensus Of Things We Usually Read Or Write Here...LOL...Knock Yourselves Out!!!

Now Here We Go...

If You Can...In ONE WORD Describe The Person That Posted Above You!!!


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Having two sets of stamens, with the outer series opposite the petals and the inner series alternating with them.
When it takes 19 words to define a term, you might think that it’s describing something extraordinarily obscure, but you’ve probably got examples in your garden.
It’s one of a large number of formal descriptive terms in botany. This one refers to a type of flower which has twice as many stamens as petals; the stamens are arranged in two rings, with those in the outer ring placed opposite the petals and those in the inner one in the gaps between the outer ones. About 20 plant families have flowers like this; they include such common sorts as heathers and geraniums, as well as oxalis, sorrels and many others.
If you break the word down into its component bits you will see that they add up to exactly what it describes; it’s formed from ob-, opposite, plus diplo- (Greek diploos, doubled or twofold), plus stemon, the Greek word for a thread (our stamen is its Latin equivalent), plus the adjectival ending -ous. Hence “relating to two oppositely placed sets of stamens”. The state of being obdiplostemonous is obdiplostemony, a word I defy you to drop into your next dinner party without stopping the conversation dead.

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