Feeding Time!!!  

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Feeding Time!!!

Here's A Little More Of My Story.......

Monday, September 15
The opening that I needed came rather unexpectedly. Alex had come over to the house to hang out. I’d previously spoken with him via our first telephone call. He was now quite aware of what I wanted and was appreciative that I’d thought enough about him to consider him for such a thing. While the three of us sat in the living room, doing our usual the conversation turned to adult videos and Alex took the opportunity himself to let Marc know that he had a video camera and that he’d actually made a video. Immediately I thought to myself, here was someone who could record Marc and my first adult video. And if it lead to anything else, then so be it. It was the chance I needed to fulfill one of my deepest fantasies. This way we could kill two birds with one stone. I knew that there would be no problem with Alex’s lending us his camera and this day Marc asked if we could use it. Alex told us that he’d bring it by tomorrow when he came over after work to show us how to work it. “Need a cameraman?” is what I figured he was thinking.

This night the conversation remained light. I’d gotten real comfortable lying there on the sofa between the two of them, while they played the game. It was then that I was finally able to get a good look at Alex without appearing too obvious. He eludes sexiness, in my opinion. He’s sexy in a quiet sort of way. It was tonight that I’d realized he had a beard to go with the mustache. I initially didn’t look at him like that. Funny thing was I hadn’t until I heard him scratch it, making me want to scratch it for him. In my opinion no black man alive should be without some facial hair. It took all of the strength I could muster to keep me off of him and I’d realized that until Marc jumped on the bandwagon I’d need to restrain myself. That was if I could. I didn’t want to do anything or be responsible for causing any doubts or for Marc feeling in anyway insecure. I do believe Alex noticed me checking him out and sizing him up. Marc jokingly called us some freaks because of our often enjoying partaking in rough sex. It came down to more or less my passion for it and Alex’s need to accommodate. Marc has always been one of those men who couldn’t envision doing such things. It has been conversations like this that have let me know that no matter what I presented to Alex sexually and within reason, he’d be game.


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