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3/13/2005 6:56 pm

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I've recently been reunited with an old Lover and am currently faced with a decision that will have to be made; of which I'm clueless as to even beginning to attempt to figure out.

The sex that we had was always PHENOMENAL...Honestly some of the best that I've had...EASILY...LOL However, there is still lingering doubt, in the recesses of my mind, as to whether or not I "go backwards", instead of simply what I'm doing, which is "moving ahead" with my future???

Something that you should all know about my ex-Lover...and definitely the most important...is the fact that he geniunely does accept me for WHO I AM...always has. We've never presented ourselves, maintained or held any false pretenses with each other and got along extremely well.

I just really don't know if I truly want to involve myself with him again...(not even on a sexual level)-Though, don't get me wrong...we were great friends and lovers and I do still find myself attracted to him, just as he does to me-that hasn't changed.

Truthfully, all I can say or ask is for...HELP!!! LOL

Kisses XOXO


SlamminPervert 57M

3/13/2005 8:43 pm

thats the mixing of relationships and sex for you, oy-vey! tiff to make them serve many different masters. you likely kinda already know best how to go, its just a matter of getting thru to the other parts of your body/mind. dont stress. as my hippe kid friends say, "its all good". now get out there and enjoy, and let no man control who you are..... piece (of ass) , slammin perv

SlamminPervert 57M

3/13/2005 8:44 pm

yada yada yada... NOW can i cum to the meat n greet? hehehe

mygmyg 60M

3/14/2005 8:58 am

Naughty Kitty, enjoy your blogs, intelligent, stimulating, interesting(outdoors, the sage green dress, painted quite the picture! loved it),obviously friendly (organizing the gatherings), independent and confident.
A possible course of action is the old stand by of making a list of the positives/negatives. Most important, YOU are the top priority, your future, how it is impacted, are you "settling", this impacts my goals..., this impacts my emotional being..., this impacts me financially..., impact on my continued growth..., does this close doors of oppurtunity..., is family an issue..., some of these may or may not apply and I am sure you can think of others. Yes, this is cold and calculating, it will assess for you gains and losses in the decision, not necessarily happiness/love. A tool to help clarify what is swirling around in your head, heart and libido.
N. Kitty you comment on how "he accepts you for who you are" which is very important in any relationship. Perhaps, this being a relationship from when you were younger is the reason for your comfort level with him. As we mature we put up the shields/walls that protect us, and perceptions of who we are can become a guessing game. We all construct the walls which are lowered with those we have past relationships with, which gives us this feeling of acceptance. Nothing wrong with this.
Questions here are: is this former getting a free pass because of your comfort level with him, and in your growth and the changes that you've undergone, does he really still know YOU. How do you know that he accepts the N. Kitty of today, does he see the present and future possibilities of the "progressively growing, changing N.Kitty", or are you the N. Kitty of your time together, placed upon a pedestal in his mind, (great view from here)?
We all have these pedestal people in our mind, they are the substance of our wonderful memories. Romantic memories,great sex, heroes, and family/friends and mentors in life are all granted the free pass to the upper tier in our memories.Shaping who we are and an influence in what we want. A measuring stick we compare with the people in our present day lives.
N. Kitty the ques you pose has an underlying tone of "Am I settling" and if so will I be happy? Will you look back in 1 year...5 years...10 years... and regret not being with HIM? And if your with HIM what will I have given up? will I resent Him or the decision? Your question hints that you feel you will be giving up your personal growth and the possibilities of goals and your future success.
Make these judgements, decisions for yourself, the N. Kitty has to live with them. This may all be a bunch of hooey and off base, and just one way to approach this dilemma. Hope this helps.
Did I mention that Sage green dress, and pic of your... sashay through my mind, teasing me to no end!

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3/14/2005 2:28 pm

Wow sexy girl,
Touchy situation you have here. But my question to you is if you guys were so good together what happened that you felt you needed to move forward???...That will be the most important point in deciding on what to do hon. Sex is great but dont let that cloud your judgement unless that is ofcourse the course you want the relationship to go....lol. But i would say you need to talk with each other about what you both are feeling and what direction you both feel you are looking to go and see if they even are close to being the same.....then take it from there...one step at a time.....wink


3/14/2005 5:05 pm

I've also been down that kind of road with a guy and everytime we said we would jsut be friends (coz we both knew we weren;t ever going anywhere) we ended up having sex !!! it's sooo hard to let go of such tremendous electric sex isn;t it? but if you really aren;t going anywhere and you really dont want to get involved with him then its best you try and refrain ..........and perhaps just not be alone together Because that is so tempting..........and yes I know how hard it is ........( No not that!! LOL ) but really is the only way Sad that it is Unless one of you finds someone, then there is a clear cut reason for not touching.......Meanwhile babe get a new dildo and loads of batteries and keep thrusting LOL Yeh I know its just not the same is it ? !!! You poor baby........ I do understand .........Sometimes you have to think about the possibility of letting go completely...... even as friends..........Best of luck Chrissie
Hope you didn;t mind me responding.......just that I have been there!! LOL

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