And The Saga Continues..........Fantasy Or Reality???  

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2/26/2005 6:11 pm

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And The Saga Continues..........Fantasy Or Reality???

Remember that "continuation" that I promised you all??? The one to "What Do You Do On A "Lonely" Friday Night???" and "Ooooooh My Goodness"??? Well, here goes.....(though it's Saturday...LOL Better late than never!!!)

(Taking a deep breath)
I just arrived home, a few hours ago from meeting another AdultFriendFinder member. He'd driven up from one of the neighboring cities to pay me a special visit. And boy...I'm sure glad that I did!!! After the thorough "licking" the "kitty" received last night, I was left still wanting. So today, when the offer was extended to me...I jumped all over it. I know that it may sound a little reckless but sometimes when you're REALLY HORNY, you just can't help yourself. And I couldn't....

I arrived to the room he'd already gotten, ready for whatever. Of course there was porn playing on the television but we only watched for a moment. Once things began to heat up on the screen...they begin to heat up in the room.

He wasted no time, upon seeing that I was indeed who I'd portrayed myself to be, by stepping directly in front of me,dropping his pants and beginning to stroke himself. Now, the sight of a nice, lickable cock will get my juices right to flowing and they did...immediately!!!

Sitting on the edge of the bed,I grabbed him by the balls and began a slow, seductive licking of his nether regions. After damn near sucking him to completion...he returned the favor. Laying me back on the bed, he spread my legs and delved deep...deep with his tongue into my soft moist folds. This seemed to go on for hours, though it was probably more like 25 minutes or so...but either way, IT WAS ALL GOOD.

When he was content in the effect his tongue-lashing had on me, he flipped me over, hiked my ass up in the air and forcefully entered me with his hard, throbbing cock.

The pounding that my pussy received was just that...a "pounding"...LOL After I'd cum about 4 times...including 2 "gushers" he rolled me onto my back for an updated version of the missionary position...and continued his mission...his mission for the CREAM. He was turned on by the fact that I could "squirt"...especially when I'm dealing with someone who knows what they're doing.

We went from doggie...(I squirted) missionary...(I squirted again)...back to doggie...(whole lot of squirting going on now) my riding him...(REALLY BIG ONE)...LOL

After I'd cum...oh...let's say about 6 times to his 2...we decided, breathlessly that it was time for us to part. Parting however, with the pure intentions of meeting to fuck again.

Not long after I'd arrived back home, he called me from his car...(he still hadn't made it home quite yet) tell me that he could still smell the "kitty" all over him. What a big turn-on for me...the thought that he was physically able to take a reminder along with him...yeah, it was a "reminder" alright...on his top lip...LOL

Now, was this event REAL or simply another creation produced by my overworked imagination??? You Be The Judge!!!

You All Know What To Do!!! Give It To Me Str8...LOL

Kisses XOXO


djkozzmx 43M

2/27/2005 12:14 am

Kitty you're so lovely horny girl I'm amazing about your delicious pussy, it's so lickable Saludos from Mexico! Cordially: Henry

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2/28/2005 3:44 pm

Damn, It was probably a dream but I would love to turn it to reality.

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