An Evening At The Adult Theater...  

NaughtyKittyII 45F
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4/3/2006 9:54 am
An Evening At The Adult Theater...

Perhaps you can think of you and I sitting in an adult movie theater. I am a few seats over from you and am all alone. So you decide to move a little closer. You look next to you and see that I have on a very short mini-skirt and my top is opened almost to my navel exposing a very nice set of tits.

You sit next to me and you look at me and give me a little wink. That is all I need. You slide your hand over and put it on my nylon clad leg. My legs immediately fall apart, allowing you to slide your hand up towards my pussy. When you arrive at your destination, you find that I don’t have on any panties and that my slit is wet and swollen.

Your fingers play with my clit and I begin to take deep breaths. You push a finger into my pussy and feel that I’ve started to climax. I shudder and ooze cum all over your hand. That just will not do. You need to taste me, so you go down on your knees and move your tongue to my pussy lips. “What a glorious taste and smell”,you say. “I could eat you out for hours!” And as you lick me, I cum again in a huge climax. I think that you are done but the fun is only starting.

You then stand up unzip your fly and pull out your already hard 7in. cock. Putting it into my mouth, I suck it down all the way to the base. “What a mouth!” I know you’re thinking and I continue to suck you off, but you do not want to shoot your load into my mouth. You pick me up, turn me around and bend me over the seat. Pulling open my top you begin to squeeze my sweet tits and pinch my erect nipples. By now...I’m going fucking crazy. You slide your steel pole into my tight, moist pussy. As you do I start to moan and attract attention. Suddenly a huge man approaches us and we see a 12in. cock sticking out from his fly. He grabs my head and forces it into my mouth, but I am more than willing to take it in. As I try to get that big tool into my mouth I can feel your hard cock inside of me. I simply love it. Sucking the largest cock I’ve had in a long while, while I’m riding your throbbing member. I am lost in paradise...lost in PLEASURE. As I lick and suck the huge tool in my mouth, I’m riding you so hard that with every stroke even your balls are going inside of me! I explode and cum over and over again. You can’t take it any longer and shoot your hot juices deep within me. As my pussy is milking your cock for every last drop, the 12in. hose erupts and cum fills my mouth. I try to swallow it all but there is so much some runs down my chin and drips on my luscious tits. I lick my lips and then you give me a deep, hard kiss then slap me on the ass! The other man leaves and we are ready to go again but the movie ends so I tell you that we’ll meet and do this again, the same time next week and we leave. Until we meet again next week.


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