We Came Together  

NastyGirl20032 39F
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6/15/2006 9:40 am
We Came Together

Yesterday, after working a hard day. I sat down to relax and eat dinner. I get a call from "Nita", one of my special friend's...lol So we are just talking about how our day went and what we were planning to do the weekend. After talking for about an hour, she began to get silent. So, I immediately though that I was boring her, plus we had been on the phone for an hour so it was time to get off (anytime minutes aren't free). So as I was about to hang up with her, she asked me not to. I told her how she had gotten quiet and maybe I was boring her. She said no. She was just actually listening to my voice.

Oh, Really?

So I asked her what was she doing while listening to my voice. She informed me that she was playing with herself. She began to moan. I know how her pussy looks wet so all I could do was imagine it. So I began to play with myself. We were both moaning and as I was fingering myself, I thought of her as doind the same. Her moans became heavier and so did mine. And, then we came together.

Afterward, we laughed. I can not believe that I got so worked up over the phone. I am usually not the type to be "phone boning". I thought it was ridiculous. Now I like it. I still feel alittle silly doing it but it felt good cumming. I told her that I blame her for making me do something so juvenile. We laughed. Needless to say, me and her will be hooking up in the near future.

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