Is That All?  

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7/25/2006 8:50 am

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Is That All?

I met another AdultFriendFinder-er this weekend. She was very sexy and had an ass that you could balance a drink on. We hit it off right away and I could feel the heat in between us. We were only at the bar for about 20 minutes before she suggested that we leave and go to her place (she lived near the bar). So we went to her apartment off U Street. It was really nice and smelled like that cucumber melon fragrance from Bath and Body. So I sat on her couch and she snuggled up with me. We began watching TV. We were watching some videos and I had commented on how some of the girls in the videos had to be stippers or ex-strippers because of their movements made. She asked did I have a gripe against strippers. I told her no, in fact if I were alittle more confidant about being naked in front of alot of people, I would do it myself. She then said that she was a stipper and that she works at a club in Baltimore. I didn't believe her at first until she showed me some of her costumes and pics. I was shocked. She didn't seem like a stripper. But what does a stripper really seem like (i guess it was just me stereotyping). When she told me that, all I could think of was her giving me a lap dance and stripping for me. I didn't ask though because who wants to do their job on a "date". But she then asked did I want to see some of what she does. I told her no (but in the back of my mind I dreadfully did). She asked why and I told her that she should just relax because we were just chillin'. She thought that I was not interested in her or that I did not think she was sexy. I told her that I felt quite the opposite. But how would I feel if I had to do my job when I am over a "friend's" house. She said that she didnt mind and really wanted me to see her dance. So I said OK (trying to fake like I was being hesitant). Well she turned on some music and started dancing. First slow grinds and alot of bending over in my face . Then she started taking off her clothes. Her shirt and pants first. She only had on a sexy lace black bra and thong with some strappy sandals. She sat in my lap and started jirating. Then she turned around and straddled me while grinding. I undid her bra and began to suck on her titties (i was thinking about how many men and women at her club wish they could do that to her while receiving a lap dance). I sucked on them like they were cover in something sweet. My hands were on her hips as anf traveled to her ass. I pulled her thong to the side and played with her pussy and ass. Her pussy was so wet that my thigh was wet (I had on some cute little stripe shorts). My fingers slid into her pussy and she was nice and tight (not what I expected of a stripper but that was just me stereotyping again). She turned around again and I rubbed her nipples with one hand and fingered her with the other one while kissing her and her neck. She siad lets go into her room. I was wondering when she was going to say so because the couch did not have enough room. I layed her on the bed and started eating her until she came all in my mouth. Then I pulled out my strap-on \8b (I never leave home without it... lol) and she got on top of it. She rode it and I grinded it well. Then I flipped her over and fucked her from the back. I then put it in her ass and wore it out. She was begging me to not stop until she came. I pounded her ass until I started to sweat profusely. She came after about 20 minutes of anal. She fell to the bed and could not move. She said she had never came so hard. I had never seen anyone take it in the ass that well. But anyway, she feel asleep. So did I. I woke up and went home while she was still asleep. I get a call about 7am on my cell. It was her, she wondered where I went because she wanted another round. I told her that I would get back at her this coming up weekend.

fantasygurl000 57F

3/23/2007 8:20 am

I enjoyed this. You made me feel like I was there watching you and you newfound stripper. Your take on it made me really want to know what it would be like to have such an interlude. Hot stuff; keep up the work.

annapdad 70M

4/3/2007 10:21 pm

With your kind indulgence for blog-mailing, you look and sound great; would love to learn more about you. Because guest members cannot read your profile, nor write but when they do contact info is screened, how about writing directly ANNAPDAD at ISP where You Are Here Only Once [first letter of each word] & attaching pics & profile?

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