First Time  

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7/6/2006 9:22 am

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First Time

Many have asked about my first time ever eating pussy. It is hard to tell because, the experience was so awkward. I mean, neither one of us knew what we were doing. Plus we were both afraid of getting caught, it felt weird doing it, and we were drunk. All of that combined made for a pretty crazy experience. So what I will tell about is the first time I ate some pussy and was excellent at it.

I met "La La" over the internet. We chatted to each other for about a month before we actually met. We met one another at Union Station. She had on a cute shirt that made her tits practically pop out and some fitted slacks. I looked stunning as usual. By the end of our meeting, she was so intrigued by me (those are her words not mine). She asked could we meet somewhere alittle more intimate. I agreed. So we met again that following week at my house (she worked about 2 blocks from where I lived).

"La La" came into my house and sat on my couch. She still had on her work clothes. She asked could she take her shoes off. I said of course (especially since I have a foot fetish and all). She had bought some movies with her. I popped in the movie. We were watching Forrest Gump. She leaned back onto me with her head sort of on my chest. I can remember her feeling really warm. I asked her was it too hot in the house. She said no. So I started to caress her arm. Then I began to softly kiss her neck. While kissing on her neck, I went under her blouse and began to feel on her nipples. They were hard. I lifted her bra up so I could feel the whole breast in my hand. I noticed her eyes were closed. I figured that meant she was enjoying my soft touches.

I then lifted up and let her lay back on my couch. I sucked on her nipples. Soft at first, the she told me to do it harder. So I did. I would suck one while pinching the other one. I kissed her. She had soft lips. I could taste her lip gloss (melon or something of that sort). I inched my had down her thigh and pulled up her skirt. I rubbed her pussy through her panties. Then I pulled them to the side and began to play with her clit. She started to moan. She was so wet. So was I.

I pulled her panties down and stuck my finger into her pussy. One at first, then 2, then 3. She loved it. I had 3 fingers in her with my thumb rubbing her clit and my other hand playing with her tits (talk about multi-tasking). Then I stopped playing with her and began kissing down her belly until I got to her clit. I licked it once nice and hard. Then again. I stated out slow and then fast. The a mixture of both. She was so wet. Her pussy tasted so good. After about 20 minutes of eating her, she came.

I was so excited because, that was the first time I made a girl cum. I could not believe it. She told me that I was better than she expected and, I was the best she had ever of both sexes (her words). Me and her would meet about once twice a month for about a year. I perfected my craft... Then she moved away and I had to find another "special friend". But whenever she comes into town, believe me, she will call me up for a secret rendez-vous.

norprin5 56M

7/6/2006 10:20 am

very hot story, Nasty

King Nor XVIII

badbadbrad 39M

7/6/2006 10:24 am

Your story made my day!

I came, I conquered, I came again

kissesforu99 36F

8/15/2006 7:34 am

dame that was hot

mizindependent 49F
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1/21/2007 4:08 pm

wish i were "La-La"

hottoddy682 50F

12/24/2007 6:01 pm

i just read this story made me wet

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