todays special is drivers ed  

NamlessLph 34M
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3/21/2006 9:06 am
todays special is drivers ed

good day. there are 2 types of drivers, left turners and right turners. whats up with the way people drive these days? can we not show some common courtesy for the left turner and not ride up on the ass please? can the right turners not signal at least a block from turning destination? you know if everyone would show a little mercy on the road you might receive a little back. i personally haven't been in an accident yet and don't plan on it either. you cant really get mad at someone for driving exactly the speed limit, because its the speed limit. you could at least go the speed limit ya know, because it IS the speed limit. i think the drivers test should have to be taken every 4 years. i feel some would fail, i saw one guy yesterday on the road going 20 in a 45, i stayed behind him for a while figured he might have to turn. anyways i finally signal to pass him at a moderate pace and kindly get back in front of him. then i watched him in the mirror and this guy almost hits the curb followed by what appeared to be a sidewinder 20 mph. i have a strong urge for reasonable doubt that he may have not been able to see so well, but that is what i mean when i say some would fail. none of you could possibly care less though right i could sit here and type till i ran out of web space. it wouldn't change the fact that the drivers test isn't every 4 yrs. so instead of him ha'in about it i ask, respect for others.

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