todays special is WARNING some of this material may not be suitible for children (this means you)  

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3/22/2006 10:58 am

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todays special is WARNING some of this material may not be suitible for children (this means you)

<~~~~~hey look its one of my bubbahs. hello my fellow's. this is the year where hope failed me. i feel im ready to move onto the next chapter in my life. i would like to get to know a female with the greatest sense of humor, someone who loves to smile and laugh at my expense. she would have an extreamly deep love for all genre's of music. i dont want to sound harsh but i am interested in an attractive mate. video games is a plus. i want to get to know her before we do any of the relationship things so im on 36th and mcaurthor baby holla at me. i hope she would like physical fitness. her religion is as open as mine, as long as she has one its all gravy. i like to do the snuggaly cuddaly things. i like romance, i like roleplay, i love foreplay, actually as long as there isnt a dude stickin it where it dont belong (in me) then im ok with pretty much anything that she is. i am in the military Airborne Infantry, although its national guard i still have as much training as some active duty soilders. turned down special forces 2 times for my children. im in good physical condition and have a very creative mind. im very non-violent person and only use my training as a last resort to self defense. i like to go to strip clubs with my other, but to me i really dont see the point in them and think they are a waste of money. speaking of stripclubs i am good friends with the guy that just opened the bachelor pad on 59 and western next to city nights. you may find me there sometimes if i ever get an urge to go see him. i dont like to argue it solves nothing, attention to detail because teamwork is key. i want to start attending church again so i can recharge my spirit. i dont have a bank account because the bank doesnt know how to "account" right so i keep my money on my person, that means i cant go to websites with the sexkeyID's and others like it to contact you if someone happens to respond to this. it seems thats the only people that send me emails is the ones lookin to sell their pics. for the most part id rather talk on the phone, meet in person and then take a trip to the...bahama's or sumthin. i dont really feel this is important but to the ladies it might be so ill tell ya. im told its huge, i think its not i guess thats up to you to decide if girth is really a GIRTH or just a fluffy. i will say this honestly though, ive been asked to do porn. i said no but wood think about it. that was like 2 yrs ago. the only way i would do porn is with only one person for example wife, girlfriend, or just one person that i know is clean. speaking of clean i am disease free i get checked by the military regularly. as for my sexual preferance... my fav thing to do is the tongue tornado and then pay every bit of attention to the clit, ever had ur belly button licked? ok but have u had it licked from the inside yet? haha ok my tongue isnt that long but i know how to use it. my jaws have never gotten sore from doing it i thnk record is 2hrs. i really enjoy the taste, and id ive never had a girl spray all of her sweet luv tunnel juices in my mouth. but the thing that really turns me on is the way it makes her feel. it is true that if she doesnt get off or isnt in the mood or just has sex with me because im horney then i really dont want to have intercourse because its a waste of time to me. call it a fetish but your pleasure gives me the pleasure to get off. i have one other fetish that is a must and is the biggest turn on to me by far...TUMMYS! they are so cute, especially when they have just a little bit of jiggle to them and poke out of the belly shirt that comes a 1/4 in. above the waist line. i really find pale women attractive but it isnt a must i find tan women attractive too but pale white tummys are the ultimate eye teaser for me. just a little bit of tummy, too much and it becomes unattractive to me. as for the race, spanish women just do it for me but i dont have to have one to be happy. i do have to have a cute tummy to be happy though. heh . unless i say its a must have quality then my criteria above doesnt eliminate you if you dont have that quality, hell if nothing else id like to make a friend, by friend i mean someone to hang out with, watch movies, joke, laugh, discuss ect. not a fuck buddy. meaningless sex does nothing for me, it has to be intense lovemaking for it to satisfy my cursed urges. i have so much more i want to tell you my lady but i cant type forever. if you think you match up or just wanna talk you can get at me mane. einfntry at hot mail. i am awaiting your messege for your further information request. NO GAMES SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY NEED APPLY! HA! p.s. if you want to get my attention in an email maybe mention something about what i just wrote above, get a faster respons maybe... my life for hire.

!follow me and your soul will be as cursed as mine!

rm_hg4u73112 46F

3/23/2006 5:10 am

I'm a bit disturbed that you would post your little brothers (or any childs) pic on a sex site.

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