looking for friends to talk with  

NamlessLph 34M
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3/10/2006 4:54 pm
looking for friends to talk with

i like music, and if u like music the way i do u might know who sang my above message. i dont really have any friends because u cant trust them, well i figured that i cant go through life trying to trust everyone so i figured lets try the friendship thing and see what happens. i like video games but dont play them much unless someone wants to play. i dont go out to the bar to drink but will if someone wants to go. i dont plan my day i take it as it comes to me after all its not my plan. i like to go do fun activities if i have someone to do it with. i really like to ride horses and find women who ride horses very appealing. as of right now im goin to go walk my dogs with my mother at lake overholster. exercise is good. feel free to leave me a post or ask the questions. i am looking for a new life cause something about my current one is very wrong.

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