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2/26/2006 10:18 am

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Ladies First

One of the most important things that the Chinese Taoist {pronounced: "Dao-ist"} writers on ancient sexual practices have to tell us about love making is the importance of patience on the part of the man. The authors repeatedly stress the need for a man to take great care in seeing to the needs of his female partner, and to put his own needs for pleasure on hold. Although this may seem irrational to many man, the Taoist teachers assure us that such an approach not only enhances the female experience, but it also, ultimately, increases the man's level of pleasure many times as well. By seeing to the needs of his female partner, the man assures his partners complete and enthusiastic cooperation, as well as improving his own level of pleasure by turning the love making process into a long meditation on pleasure and pleasurable sensations. By taking more time, and concentrating on his partners enjoyment, the length of the love making sessions increases, as does the length of time spent enjoying the pleasures of love making. One of the most important techniques the man must learn is the ability to refrain from ejaculation. Shallow thrusts are encouraged, alternating with longer thrusts, at varying intervals. By "shallow" thrusts, the authors mean that the man should not withdraw "the jade stalk" (the penis) to far out of "the jade gate" (the vagina), but only far enough to rub his pubic bone against his partner's "gold gully" (clitoris). In this way, the man gives his partner maximum pleasureable contact, while not stimulating his penis so much that he will ejaculate before his partner has been satiated.

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