The Garden  

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9/27/2005 2:18 pm

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The Garden

It was in Key West, on the roof bar of the Bull. There we were on a sunny hot late afternoon, in a place that is clothing optional. A couple of beers later we had chosen the option.

Another couple was also there and, seeing us, decided to strip as well. We eyed them with appreciation, and they us. A brief introduction, two stiffening pricks, and two juicing pussy’s, and what little inhibitions we had vanished with a touch.

We found a secluded corner, I bent over the roof’s concrete rail took a spread legged stance, arched my back, and the man who’s name I didn’t yet know was in me. The other woman did likewise and as I saw my man enter her I had a rush of ecstacy and a flow of pussy juice unlike any I had ever experienced. I found myself looking at the street below, the pedestrians meandering up and down Duval, oblivious.

I took the woman’s hand in mine, the rhythm of our fucking soon in sync, the intensity growing, the tempo accelerating. We began to sing the chorus of animal sounds that women in the throws of passion sing, louder and louder, until the people below took notice, and we drew a crowd from the bar.

The rush I got from having an appreciative audience put me over the top. My orgasm brought on an orgasm from the man in me, and ours brought on O’s from the others.

There was applause, as we separated, the cum running down our legs. We toweled off, and headed for the bar for a drink and a smoke, and for a bit better introduction.

We drank and chated the afternoon and evening away, and never once had to pay for a beer...

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