The Adventures of Cheiri Chapter 9  

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The Adventures of Cheiri Chapter 9

The Big Bang: A moment lasting only a thousandth of a second, where in the entirety of space was void of any matter one moment, and suddenly was filled with every particle and atom with which the universe is made up even to this day the next. The two women watched as in the first ten seconds the matter expanded to cover hundreds of light years of space, and began to cool. They saw the galaxies form, and the stars, and solar systems; ten billion years of evolution they witnessed and comprehended in just a few moments. They saw the Earth as it was five billion years ago, a giant gaseous ball entirely alien to the lush planet they were born in to. At four billion years the great cataclysm which nearly tore the Earth asunder when a giant asteroid with a mass close to one sixth of the Earths, collided with the young planet sending billions of tons of molten rock into space. They saw that mass cool and begin to orbit the Earth and suddenly knew that this was to become the Moon. Now the pace of things really picked up. With the gravitational force of the Moon affecting the orbit of the Earth, the spin of the Earth slowed down, calming the fantastic storms, and soothing the tumultuous crust, until slowly the oceans formed. It took a mere billion years for the first stirring of life to appear. They witnessed the very first strand of DNA develop and knew that this very DNA still existed in themselves.

Now they watched as that strand evolved through many ages to become their first human ancestors some fifty thousand years past. They lived the lives of over one hundred thousand grand mothers, learning the collective wisdom of woman kind.

They became aware of Cheiri laying between them on her back, her arms around them, their heads laying on her breast. They felt Cheiriís heart beat, and they felt their own, and they were beating as one. Next they became aware that Cheiri was communicating with them, not with words but through touch and feel. As their minds processed all the new information they contained, and as Cheiri continued to gently caress their bodies, emotions began to form into thoughts, and then into sentences. One of the first clear knowing that took place was a silent introduction of each other. First woman became known to Cheiri and new woman as Melissa. Likewise new woman became Erica in Cheiri and Melissaís minds. Melissaís man was Bertram but he was simply called Bert, and Ericaís man was Jake.

Cheiri felt the resolution of her thoughts in the two women, and knew that something unprecedented was taking place. As she caressed their bodies telling them of their great place in the chain of life in the universe, she began to sense that they were taking the lead in what would come. In the six years since Cheiri had her epiphany, there had never been a time when others attempted to take control. She was not confused or concerned however, merely curious about where this would lead.

Melissa and Erica turned toward Cheiri simultaneously, entwining their legs with hers, and reaching their hands to Cheiriís vagina. Their middle fingers sought her opening, as their index fingers found her clitoris. Their fingers began to probe for the exact spot they needed to set of a reaction neither understood but both knew would bring something special into the world. They found the place at the same time and immediately focused their newfound energy through their fingers into Cheiri. With deft, sure, barely perceptible motion they began to awaken a new fire.

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7/20/2005 2:29 pm

I like the blend of spirituality and eroticism. I believe there's merely a thread separating the two.

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8/9/2005 4:27 pm

The birth of the universe, as imagined from interstellar female goddess finger-banging! Makes sense to me!

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