The Little Devil in Me...  

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1/31/2006 6:30 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Little Devil in Me...

I must say I've come across my share of conversations with men (married men) who's major complaints are wives who just aren't as sexually inclined as they use to be. What kills me are those who say their "wives" never were that sexually enthusiastic to begin with...WHY MARRY THEM THEN...did you think it would get better? LMAO!! Most of you stop doing the "little" things you did to hook us in the first place. How gullible...

Then you have those who have that freaky deaky side they never let their significant other peak into and therefore they feel that their spouses will never satisfy them in that sense. You guys (most of) really lack that little skilled referred to as COMMUNICATION...ayayayay!! Bit of advise and this coming from a woman...once you discover she has those "lady like" qualities you look for. You know the ones that you feel confident bringing home to mom or hosting dinner for your boss at home or not quivering at the knees when its time to take her out in public. Right then and there when you find yourself checking off most of the qualities on your cheat sheet - its time to find out if her freaky side is compatible to yours. Yes, she has one...she may not even know it, BUT SHE HAS her discover it. At that moment you may embark on a new voyage, a trip you never planned or imagined taking. Otherwise, you'll never be satisfied...she'll never be enough and you'll always have something you failed to fulfill in your "experiences".

Look at me...29 together with the same man for 10 yrs./married for 8 of those 10. I have never been unfaithful. Then again, some may think having a profile on here and willing to play with another couple or so on is cheating. Then to those who think that way...I'm dirt, trash, skeezer, whore, hoochie, etc...OH WELL!!!! LMAO!! Well this dirty trashy whore does what it takes to keep the sex great and make it better. I, like most men try to find those moves or actions that make my partner CRAZY, WILD, HOT AND UNCONTROLLABLY climb the walls as he's cumming!! I want to feel that pleasure of him not being able to hold back from moaning, groaning and grunting...that tells me how good it is and how much he loves it. (Muhahahaha)

I can remember never really liking to give oral. Especially if we hadn't just showered...did he just pee...was he sweating..yes I know stupid...sorry I was squeamish So, maybe I shouldn't tell you that I didn't like receiving oral either, huh? No no no, the thought of him wanting to kiss me afterwards...YUCK!!! I think of this now and want to die laughing. To see who I use to be and who I am now...LOL...and those people who have no clue the things that happen behind those closed doors.

Life is meant to the fullest at experiment and test your boundaries. To SHOCK!!! I think I've done just that the past year...even shocked myself. Had someone told me a year ago that this year I would have experienced kissing/being with a woman, graduating to the next level on oral and toying with another couple - I would have looked at you like you had antennas sticking out of your head and then died laughing!! But its true...

There we were that one night at a club, him (hubby), me and another couple. Hubby and other girl both worked graveyard shift and become really good friends...talked on phone a lot. I didn't know it but he had spoken to her about the fantasy of not so much being with two woman, but seeing me with another woman. Also, in turn her boyfriend and I had gotten close (as friends) and we talked about his adventures in past and being ok with the fact that she is bi-sexual. Well, not sure how it happened, but we were all drinking, dancing and pulling on each others shirts...she and I were wearing strapless shirts...we were all just teasing. She leaned forward and kissed me and I wasn't running SKURD...I kissed her back!!! It happened a couple of times and he loved it...then I would turn around and kiss him - hehehe!!! There were a couple of other times she and I kissed or the couples played around each other as the others were just a couple of feet away...that was hot. Then there was "the" night...they stayed over by our house. The kids were asleep (late night) we were drinking and playing some adult games to break the ice. Then the strip board game that lead us to kissing, touching and fondling (we had switched partners). Of course all of this led to everyone getting a piece of me. (blushing) of attention - OMG is all I thought. Kissing one as the others devoured my breast and eaten at once. They rotated around like a conveyer belt. My first time having a woman finger me, suck on my petals and vice versa. Not to mention my mouth on another man. Oh and to sit up and watch them in 69 and her moaning...yeah baby he's good isn't he? I ought to know I'm married to him LMAO...was proud of him in a way...made me hot. This was all new to he and I, plus a little performance anxiety from the other guy so the only intercourse was b/w he and I...but I hope there will be another time, another place, another couple.

So whoever said you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks...JUST WASN'T A VERY GOOD TEACHER!!!

rm_wenchang1966 47M
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2/1/2006 7:01 pm

Is this story really? yours histoy? Woh, it is very hot, thank you share it with us.

NYRicanShawty 42F

2/2/2006 4:58 am

Thank you for commenting. Please continue to is what encourages me to write.

Yes, the end of the story is true.

Glad you enjoyed it. My other stories are mostly fantasy, at least till we have more encounters .

rm_wenchang1966 47M
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2/5/2006 4:51 pm

My dear, I hope to read your next story.

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