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My last patient today, Steve, sat with me and started to apologize for his son’s behavior. You see, his son, Joey, was a wiener. He weines to bring significance to himself. To Let everyone know of his great sacrifice thereby making his divorced Mom and Dad proud of him. Little did Joey realize that his behavior was received negatively by his Dad. Steve told me privately, “I’m embrassed with his behavior. He’s similar to his mom that way.” Little did Steve realize he was also contributing to his wiening by actually giving more attention to his son because of his weining.

I told Steve that maybe Joey could change his behavior if he was given more attention when he has a positive attitude and less attention with negative behavior. The change would be subtle and slow. I believe this negative behavior is brought on at an early age. For example, when a child cries and we quickly run to the cradle to attend to it’s needs. What are we doing? We are supporting the act of crying for attention. Why not run to the cradle when the baby is cooing and giggling? If we did, the baby would coo and giggle more.

Lets take another step. Your partner does something nice for you, make her (or him) feel significant for their action. On the other hand, if they behave poorly, don’t give it any recognition. In this way, you can effectively make a change in their behavior without ever being negative OR EVEN MAKING A NEGATIVE COMMENT! Take this thought with you next time you have sex… watch and listen… you may find your way to greater orgasms and better sex.

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