May's Flowers  

NJCwbyCpl 49M/47F  
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5/20/2006 6:36 pm
May's Flowers

The way you have to work this AdultFriendFinder system is much like a gardener would. You have to pull out all the weeds and get rid of all the troublesome insects. Then you have to lay down a protective covering to protect your flowers. Having a good and strong border/boundry is always a good thing. Just in case some flowers want to get a little wild, they still have a strong grounding/support for their own protection. Give the garden plenty of exposure and keep it maintained and you'll see the beauty in all that it produces. In the event you should be gifted enough to intoduce more than one type of flower/gift to everyone, then you'll get to harvest the benefits of all the different combinations and wonderful aromas.
We've learned through our own trials and errors that you should never let the simplicity of someone else's garden deter you from exposing yourself to the possible beauty they have to share. We, like may other people, like to have the rose or orchid from time to time, but they require lots of maintainance and don't last very long at all. However, daisies offer a constant charm and beauty that often goes overlooked. Some flowers are just plain, others aren't as pleasant to smell as we'd like them to be. In the end, they're all beautiful and unique. Most people tend to prefer the more exotic looking and wonderfully fragrant ones, but we love daisies. They're simple, pretty, they have a gentle and sweet smell, they're low-maintainance, and they don't have any thorns

As always....Play safe and have fun........

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