~ Slow Dance ~  

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~ Slow Dance ~

~ Slow Dance ~

I was laying on the couch watching TV

You came in the room and asked me if I new how to slow dance I looked at you and said no

You said do you want to learn how to slow dance ?

I looked up at you and said yes

You said do you trust me ?

I said lead the way and I will follow

You walked across the room and turned on the radio

You told me to turn the TV off , so I did

You were looking for a radio station with soft music

You told me to go light up some candles around the room then shut off the lights

I put 4 candles around the room we were surrounded with fire

You went to the kitchen to get two glasses and some wine to loosen me up

The room was dark and the music was nice

I pour some wine for the both of us

The tingle of the wine felt so good

You smiled at me and I smiled at you

I felt so safe that I new I could trust you

You put your hand on my knee and started rubbing it

I poured more wine to losses up the mood

You got up and stood over me and reached out your hands

I looked up at you and put the glass down and reached out to your hands

You pulled me up and lead me to the center of the living room

You put your hands around my waist and I put my hands around your shoulder

The smell of the candles was so sweet and the fire around the room made the room magical

I could be in this moment forever in your arms

The feel of your body moving me softly could put me at ease

You start to unbutton my shirt slowly and took it off... left me with just my bra on so I reached down to your shirt and pulled off your shirt .

I reached over behind my back and unhooked my bra

And we made love

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