~ Massage ~  

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6/15/2006 12:37 pm

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~ Massage ~

~ Massage ~

I see you laying on the bed with just a towel on

Your on the telephone talking to your boss

I sit on the bed and look at you and your body

Wanting so badly to make love to you

So I got up and was looking for a bandanna and I found it under the bed

So I walk over to you and put the bandanna over your eyes , while you were still talking on the telephone

I took off your towel leaving you free from anything that was in my way

I get on top of you and start massaging you from head to toe

I pour some honey on your skin

I use my tongue to lick it up

I start rubbing your legs and giving them small kisses

I open your legs and crawl between them

start rubbing and kissing your special place

giving you pleasure and some pain

Your trying to talk on the phone but by this time you can't even speak

So you hang up the phone

And just laid there with your eyes covered

All I could do was leave you breathless and forever amazed by my touch

I didn't want you to ever forget me

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