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11/9/2005 1:52 pm

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I was always told that understanding was very important to a relationship. It is also important in life. People preach understanding, but do they practice it?

I am into the bdsm lifestyle and I'm also a bisexual. I try to understand people with other kinks and because of this, I've made good friends and gained knowledge I can use everyday.

But there are those who don't practice what they preach. You know the ones..if you agree with them and don't make waves, okay, you can hang with us. They will talk with you until they don't understand something you say, then they argue. If you stick to your guns, they gang up on you. They'll even call in for back up to get more on their side. Hell, they'll even call in people who haven't been heard from in months just to back them up. They will not try to understand because that's their way. They are the clique, they are important, they are in charge.

Isn't a chatroom a place to learn? Aren't we all teachers and students at the same time? Can't we learn from each other? Isn't this what we're here for or are we just slaves to our own way?

Just a thought

Lextyranus7 57M

11/10/2005 8:14 am

Dear NG:

what your experiencing is a typical animal instinct. It is part Fight or flight, but also smacks of tribalism. In the animal world, such as monkeys, when a new monkey seeks inclusion into their group, they are treated very much suspicion. Eventually they are accepted until they do something that is counter group interests.

At that point the new member is considered an enemy in their midst. Appropriately, they are attacked and osterized.

Unfortunately, these new friends of yours are behaving in accordance with theories that reflect a more animalistic nature. Go figure, try chosing more enlightened friends,,ie higher IQ's

Drop me a line if you want to discuss D/s ! I am a top.

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