Thoughts of two ladies....Interlude to The Scene  

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Thoughts of two ladies....Interlude to The Scene

This is from my viewpoint from The ScenePart I

We sit at the table waiting for K____ to arrive. My love is deep in his thoughts...and this is good because it gives me time to think. I know this is going to be a limit for her, but it is also a limit for me. I wonder if K____ realizes this.

It has been only my love & I alone for so long, but now, He's introducing someone new into our world. I don't know K____ as well as He does, but what He has told me about her interests me.

He has ordered coffee, both hot & iced, trying to cover all bases. I smile, knowing He is only following one of His strictest rules: No alcohol before or during a scene, especially with someone new.

K____ arrives and my love points her out to me. She is very lovely. She looks around and spots us. He stands and she approaches the table as I stand; a slight smile spreads across her lovely lips as a deep blush radiates over her pretty face.

My love introduces us. "My lady, this is K____. We've been talking for several weeks now." She does a slight curtsy as I extend my hand. I quietly say to her, "My dear, I must say you're a very lovely young lady." Her blush deepens, and I think to myself that I wish I could blush as lovely.

With the introductions out of the way, we sit & talk about everything - lives, families, loves, writings, dreams. As we're talking, my love requests that K____ move closer to Him. I see her glance at Him, and when she's caught, she lowers her eyes & blushes again. I look at them and realize that my love is doing what He does so well: working His magic with His voice & persona. I know what she's feeling, but I don't know what to tell her at this time.

What surprises me are the feelings the feelings inside of me. I don't know if it's jealousy or if it's just wonder. He's looked at me the same way so many times...will He continue to do so? Along with this, I feel intrigue as to what will happen. I know how my love plays with me and what I fell and how I respond. Will she feel the same? Will she respond the same? I know the time is drawing near for her to be prepared and I pray to myself: "Please, let me do this right & let my mind, as well as my heart, understand what is about to happen."

As if reading my mind, my love says, "Ladies, it is time." As He stands, so do I. She is hesitant, so He offers His hand to her. She accepts it & rises. Still holding her hand, He turns to me. Leaning over, He softly caresses the nape of my neck, kisses me gently, and whispers, "I trust you to prepare her. I will be up in 20 minutes."

I step around Him & He gives me K____'s hand. The two of us walk to the elevator in silence. As the doors open, we both glance back at Him. He has settled back in His chair, sipping His coffee in silence.

As the elevator races up, she stands back, saying nothing. I turn to her, smiling softly, and say in a low voice, "K____, I'm so pleased that you've chosen Night & I to be the first to take you on this journey of exploration into the things you want to explore." As the doors open, she smiles and says, "Thank you."

Upon entering the suite, I tell her to familiarize herself with the room. She walks around, just looking & stops in front of the small fridge. I smile as she reaches toward it, knowing it's a nervous reaction. Smiling, I tell her we've brought two bottles of red, one white...for relaxing afterwards.

I open the door to the bedroom. She walks to the door, but stops, her eyes fixed on the black bag on the bed. Smiling, I reassure her, "It's only His toy bag." I hear her gasp slightly and suddenly, I realize what she is feeling & thinking.

I call her name, breaking her gaze, making her look at me. I think of things that were said to me in the past and the only thought I have is what I heard when I was young and starting on my Path.

"Please dear, don't be afraid. It will be more wonderful than you can ever imagine." I see worry in her eyes. "K____ my dear, I'm not to join in or interfere, I'm just here to lend a guiding hand to you both." She lowers her eyes and whispers, "I don't understand." I take her hands in mine and look into her eyes. "K____, you need to know we both have feelings for you & would not hurt you in anyway. I will sit so I can watch your face for your reactions. If I see undo stress, I will tell Him. It is expected of me. You know you have your safe word that can be used at anytime you feel the need. Now, you must prepare yourself, the bathroom is here. I have laid out a few toiletries if you need them. You know you will be naked when presented to my love." I see doubt in her eyes and I ask, "K____, do you need more time? Do you wish to stop? He is only a phone call away." She smiles and says, "No, I've made my decision."

She reaches to undo the clasp at her neck and her dress drop to the floor. I notice the small tattoo on her breast and I laugh, "I see we have similar tastes." She looks confused, so baring my right breast, I show her my tattoo. This seems to have broken the ice, as we both laugh. Then, to my surprise, I notice the piercing in her left nipple. I smile, saying, "I wish I could be as brave as you. I could never be pierced." Now, it's her turn to laugh.

I notice the time is growing short, so I tell her as we go into the front room that she should be on her knees, thighs slightly spread with her hands on her thighs when my love comes into the room. As she starts to kneel, I stop her. Taking a pillow from the couch, I tell her, "This will be more comfortable and we don't want any red marks on that lovely skin." She smiles & thanks me.

Just before we hear the knock on the door, I remember to tell her, "When He motions you to come to Him, put your hands behind your head. That will show all of you as He inspects you." We smile warmly at each other as we both hear the knock on the door. As He enters, I present K____ to Him, then excuse myself to lay out his toys for the night ahead....

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Purry {=}


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3/5/2006 2:34 am

This is so wonderful, yet different to see so many sides to one story. Your heart must be as big as Texas (and the lovely BABs Ma'am, who resides there). Amazement is all that comes to mind, at the moment. *sends warm thoughts and hugz*

[color hot pink}*Smiles, kisses n hugz*

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i am glad to see both side as well...*hugs* lady i understand the thoughts and feelings of wonder..and it may be in all of us to have that slight tinge reaction, of will i still be in my place when this chapter closes...this life isn't for E/everyone. i know in myself, had i not been raised up this lifestyle, i'd be too jealous myself, because as an alpha female...we sometimes have to swallow back the displacement fears and trust in our Sirs love.

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