Having fun!!!!!  

NGs_lady 65F
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7/28/2006 3:02 pm

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8/22/2006 9:47 pm

Having fun!!!!!

Well, it's happened...we are in Branson!!!

It was a great trip and we had fun on the way. Believe it or not, it was like being on a honeymoon. I got to sleep with my husband every night; I actually feel like I'm married again!!

For those of you that don't understand, NG61 worked nights and I worked days, so we didn't get to spend hardly any time together. It always seemed like when one of us was off, the other was working. I started to feel like I was single with a wedding ring. Granted, it was like dating, but that's not what I wanted. As NG61 has told you, we actually work together now, which means we ride into work together and we can talk and look at the scenery together. We get off at the same time, so we can spend our evenings and nights together. Yep, I'm married again...and it's great!!!!

Just thought I'd give you a little look into what's going on in our lives. Hope to tell you more later. I will leave you with a question; how many ladies have felt like I did...single with a wedding band?

Hugs and love to all,

sexyariesgirl 59F

7/28/2006 3:41 pm

So glad to see you back here! It's great that you are settling in and enjoying the new home. I know how you feel....I don't have the wedding band but I understand about the opposing shifts. My Sweet Baby and I usually have one day each week and two evenings that we actually get to spend together. Many times he has other commitments one of those evenings so that knocks it out too. For the past month he's been working a second job as well .... soooooooooo we've had very little time together and I MISS HIM!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back!

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Notfunanymore 106F
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7/28/2006 3:59 pm

I do, still do!
I don't wear the ring though. Gave it back, like 4 yrs. ago.
He's a jerk! For Real!

libgemOH 57M/53F

7/28/2006 4:05 pm

WELCOME BACK!!!! And I sure missed you 2!!!

In some ways, I feel the same way with Jim working on the road so much. But came to the conclusion that this is just the way it has to be if I want Him!!! And I do!!!

but do wish he could find a job in town that would get him home more and on the road less!!! -B

wickedeasy 68F  
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7/28/2006 4:22 pm

stands looking at lady - tears streaming

hey you

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

rm_shannee2006 53F
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7/28/2006 6:27 pm

I'm so happy for you both! Welcome back and good luck in your new home too!

Yup...this juiciness is from me....


mysticdreamangel 62F
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7/28/2006 7:50 pm

You are a true Lady with a true Man...I wish you both the best in your new venture. Oh and by the way...am I envious...yes I am, but in a good way.

The two of you deserve the best of everything.

Sweet dreams in your new life,


PlaynAgain 55F

7/28/2006 7:59 pm

Welcome back and congratulations on a successful life change!

Yes, for the last 7 of the 11 years I was married to my kids' dad I was single with a wedding band. I actually had to hire a sitter so I could go the the bar and tell him I wanted a divorce...

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rm_goddess1946 107F
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7/28/2006 9:52 pm

Been there ..did that...bought the
T shirt...burned it...

Glad you are safe and sound and settlin' in!
Love the new photo too!

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

BaronessK 53F

7/29/2006 1:01 am

I was one of those, but not in the way you were {much worse...so bad that I divorced him}.

You sound as if y'all are settling in very, very 'nicely' and all; that is fantastic. Welcome back to the blogs, of course.

lovemetouchme5 52F
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7/29/2006 6:47 am

NG's Lady, This is the first time that I have visited your blog, but it won't be the last time. I have somewhat followed your happenings through your nightguy's posts. I am so glad that you have found happiness in Missouri and are back here. I hope that you can tell how greatly both of you were missed.

People don't think about Missouri much, until they are actually able to experience it. There is so much history and beauty in every corner, from the eastern to the western borders.

I wish you and your nightguy happiness in your future life here.

As for your question, from about January until I had my soon2bx arrested for domestic assault (long story), I felt like you did, although he was not working. He would take off when I got home from work and be gone for hours. We weren't even sleeping in the same bed anymore. According to my marriage license, I was married, but I never could really tell.

I mentioned in Nightguy's post that Shayedk will be visiting Missouri in October. It would be great if we could all meet while she was here!


rm_PeanutJackie 37F
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7/29/2006 7:04 am

Hi Lady Stee! It's so good to see you back on-line again. A huge smile appeared on my face when I saw your blog highlighted with a new post, and then looked up and saw NG's was as well. The first thought through my mind was "they'reeeeeeeeeee baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!"

I'm happy that you feel that you are truly married again. It can be so difficult when one works a different shift than the other. My ex worked 2nd shift (3:30pm-12am) and at the time I was working 11am-6pm, so we didn't get to spend much time together either. It was heaven when he went back to working 1st shift.

I can't wait to read all about your new house and your new adventures.

Big to you Both!

"I am beautiful no matter what you say, words can't bring me down. So don't you bring me down today."


7/29/2006 7:09 am

so happpy your back and things are going well..

ahem.. and this is what I wanted to talk about..

Hubby works many hours.. this is why you see me here .. It gets lonely and frustrating but we make up for it when we can.
I don't go anywhere with out him except wall-mart..and the blogs..
I'm not complaining this is my choice and we make it work one way or another..
sundays are are only full day together and after talking with many couples trying to keep up with lifes demands.. I'm so lucky to have my sexy sundays.

btw beautiful pic
I can relate to what you are saying and so happy for you both.. enjoy your honeymoon

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OboesHonedIambs 63F

7/29/2006 10:13 am

Welcome back! You were both missed.

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MamChelle 49F
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7/29/2006 9:02 pm

i am so happy for You my Friend! i also made the move to accept SirGH and Mistress Joyce's offer....i moved last Thursday in with Master and Mistress. i have had a lot of changes. Am still encouraged and permitted my F/friends so i will still be around here....just with working and service...my time is not as free. Can't wait to hear more of Branson! check Your im...Luvya LOTS!! chelley

VTLakesideVixen 61F
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7/30/2006 7:02 am

Lady, what a beautiful picture of you and NG--you both look like newlyweds! Welcome back--I had only started reading your blog just before you moved, and now that you are back I am really looking forward to reading more. It makes me very happy to know that you both have this time to now spend together. You are both so Blessed that you have each other.

Yes, my Lady, I am very much single with a wedding band--but not by my choice. That is why I am here at AdultFriendFinder--in my case I am married to a workaholic who missed two beautiful daughters that grew into wonderful young women. He is now missing the growth of two fantastic grandsons who need him as they no longer have a father in their life--but he has no time for them. Mores the pity, for when and if he ever does realize what he is missing it will probably be too late. My Lady, you would do me a great favor if you would share this with your husband for he was concerned at my distress he sensed in a comment that I had left on his blog before you both moved.
Again, please give him my thanks for his concern and I thank you for sharing him with us.

Hugs to you Lady,


PrincessKarma 45F
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7/30/2006 11:43 am

Welcome home! *HUG*

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

mycin62 55F

7/30/2006 2:46 pm

WELCOME BACK!!! So glad you made it out there OK!!

About your question. Yup, I'm single with a wedding band, which is why J and I are seperated right now. If we'll work it out, that remains to be seen.

papyrina 52F
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8/1/2006 2:20 am

welcome back

Nice to see your enjoying each other again and able to spend all your time together.

I don't wear my wedding band ,too hot in the summer months to wear jewelary.

I'm a

i'm here to stay

free2chose2 67F

8/1/2006 5:06 am

Welcome back,great photo-I barely remember being married except when I look at my sons

Don't worry, be Happy


8/1/2006 2:20 pm

Hey Darling my show me state neighbor!!! Your presence in the Ozarks has just made it MObeautiful! Glad you are getting settled and anxious to "SEE" you! Welcome home darlin! {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

ButteryDelight 59F

8/2/2006 11:23 pm

Yes, I've felt the way you described. It's been called, Sleeping single in a double bed.

So, glad it's not that way for you any more.

Buttery Delight

lightswitch1963 70M/54F

8/6/2006 3:02 pm

My heart does go out to you. Mr.L and I worked side by side for 6 years. We have spent a total of 10 nights away from each other in 11 years. Working together was great. We learned how to separate work from home, and did it well. I do want to say welcome back. We both send both of you hugs..

BadAssBlonde1 58F
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8/9/2006 1:10 pm


I am pleased to hear that ya'll made it safe and sound. Very excited that things are going to get back to some normality. Have you found a good salon around there yet?

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GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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8/9/2006 2:21 pm

great to read you both again .... and so good that you're able to spend so much quality time together

~ warm hugz ~

Fox4aKnight1 44F

8/10/2006 12:12 pm


Mistress_Nessa 41F

8/11/2006 9:49 am

Welcome back! You guys have been missed. I'm glad this move has helped improve your life as a couple.

To answer your question, I felt that way for the full 7 years of my marriage.

~ Nessa ~

1DeepThurster 66M
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6/28/2007 7:00 pm

I am not a woman but I do understand where you are coming from on this post. My wife of 33 years felt the very same way as you. She
however took a different approach and divorced me. I think we are
closer now being apart then we were when we were married. I wish you well and happiness.

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