three's not a crowd  

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2/21/2006 11:58 am

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three's not a crowd

I asked my bisexual lover to send me a girl on girl fantasy to turn me on,she did,I hope it does the same for you?

The bar was smoky and dimly lit. The clientele were tired executives that sat nursing their drinks, putting off the inevitable journey home to a predictably empty house. Power suits line the bar and filled the booths around the room. Women with tight smiles and wistful dreams that filled their eyes lined the small lounge.

I sat and surveyed the room. My glance fell upon a couple who had obviously been together for years. Their attraction and warmth made them stand out from the rest of the room. There was real zest for life in their faces.

I watched them for quite a while. They brought laughter to the lounge and warmed the atmosphere with their teasing and provoking one another. People glanced their way and watched as fascinated and envious as I was. These two women were obviously very much in love with one another. The rest of us just watched in wistful desire.

The years of climbing the corporate ladder had left us quite inept of the social graces. There had been no time for the fun times of life, at least for most of us. The socializing had to be used for the clients below us and the executives above us. Having someone on our own level had been almost nonexistent.

What an exotic treasure this couple was to my ears and eyes. I soaked up every word I could wrap my ears around and memorized every _expression on their faces. I knew that I would hate myself in the wee, small hours of the morning when I recalled this event, night after night.

I looked for a reason to get closer to their table and noticed that the rest room was down the hall in the direction of their table. As I walked across the floor, I glanced their way while passing the table. They both looked my way and smiled. I was taken by surprise with their notice of me. I smiled back and then looked quickly away.

The bathroom was elegant and sported a vanity section with a row of seats before it. The stalls were beyond the vanity and sinks. When I entered the bathroom, I found a seat and then sat down. My stomach was tight and my legs were shaking. What on earth was wrong with me? I was shaking like a school girl with a crush. How odd. I laughed in spite of myself.

I entered a stall and emptied my bladder. The door to the ladies room opened and I heard low, intimate voices just inside the door. The voices were those of the two women deeply involved with each other. I reached for the door of the stall and then decided to listen for a moment longer. Their voices held me captive. I wanted to hear their warmth and affection. I sat down on the commode seat again and listened as they giggled together, obviously wrestling with each other's clothing. I felt like an intruder and yet, I couldn't bring myself to bring an end to that which was so enticing to hear and experience.

My hand touched inside my panties and I felt myself becoming warm and wet. Their voices grew closer and yet, I couldn't pull myself away from this desire to touch myself and to listen to their words of love and passion.

The carpet in the bathroom was thick and deep. I sat on the toilet and stroked myself, spreading the wetness along the slit that covered my clit and pussy. Their voices became the only focus in my mind and they carried me away with their play and obvious lovemaking.

Their giggles grew quite close and then I saw a shadow cross the floor in front of the stall I sat in. One of the women had lain down in front of the stall and her hair lay just inside of the stall I sat in. I felt flushed and embarrassed, but dared not move. My hand stayed inside my panties and I dared not breathe too deeply.

The other woman had pulled her lover's panties down and lay on top of her, giving her right and left thighs a lot of attention. The woman on the bottom lay moaning and rocking her head from side to side. I sat with my finger inside of my pussy, slowly pushing it in and out of my body. I tilted my head back and stifled a moan. When I brought my head back, I saw the woman's face looking back at me from the floor beneath the door of the stall.

She smiled and said, "Hello."

Her eyes shone with delight as she watched me fingering myself.

"Would you like to join us?"

My face was red and I could hardly catch my breath. I was too far into my fantasy to turn down the chance to join in. Now I would live the fantasy. There was no turning back.

"Oh my god, yes," was all I could say.

"Good, we were hoping that you would," she giggled. Her partner opened the door and, while still on her knees, took my hand. I stood up and she pulled my panties off the rest of the way.

The woman had silver hair and a kind face. She put her hands on my hips and pulled me closer to her face. I moved with her, feeling my body begin to shake with anticipation. The woman's mouth went directly to my pussy and the warmth I felt cover my mound made me go weak in the legs. The ease with which she slid her tongue between the slit made me grab for her head for support. The woman on the bottom lay on the floor playing with the woman's breasts and smiled.

The warmth of my body rose and my breathing deepened as the woman's tongue dipped deeper into my body and her grip on my hips pulled me closer to her mouth until I was held captive by her hands and her tongue. I tried to move away, the reaction of my body was severe. I was about to have orgasm. I couldn't stand the ecstasy of the moment. She was good, far better than anyone I'd ever experienced before.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh," the deep waves of orgasm grabbed my body and rolled through it. I grabbed the woman's head and dug my fingers deep into her hair. I couldn't stand up on my own and she wasn't letting go for me to fall on the floor. I leaned into her, holding on and yet wanting to escape the ecstasy that filled my body.

When the tidal wave of orgasm passed, she let go and I sank to my knees. She laughed as the look on my face must have been that of disbelief and sheer fulfilment.

I was speechless. I sat on the floor next to the woman and felt awkward. The woman on the floor lifted her hand to my breast and stroked my nipples. I looked at her beautiful body and reached out for her breasts. She smiled and reached for the other woman's breasts also. The sparks were flying wildly and thighs glistened with cum from each of our pussies.

I leaned down and put my mouth on the nipple of the woman on the floor. The silver-haired woman did the same on the other nipple. The woman on the floor had large, firm breasts and we both sucked hungrily. My tongue sucked and then licked around the nipple. It felt good to have her hard, erect nipple slip in and out of my lips. The woman on the floor closed her eyes and moaned.

I continued to suck her nipples but also ran my hand down to her thighs and then found her mound. It was moist and open for my taking. The other woman's hand was also down there and she reached for my fingers. She entwined them with hers and then pulled our fingers toward her pussy. Together we entered the woman's love canal and she moaned out loud.

I moved my head slightly in the direction of the other woman on top. Our mouths were filled with nipples, our hands were joined and pumping fast and hard inside the woman's pussy and then our eyes met. She was full of fire and I shivered involuntarily from the way she made me feel. She winked at me and then I melted.

I moaned and felt a strange new energy rush through my body. I would do anything for this woman. She was like a breath of fresh air and a thousand pounds of energy, all in one dose. She was quiet and yet dynamic.

The woman on the floor moaned and gushed all over our hands. The heat and the liquid spilling from her body was wonderful.

The woman on the floor had to pull herself up and she looked content and pleased with herself and the two of us. She kissed me on the lips and then reached for her lover and pushed her to the floor. I followed her action and climbed on top of the woman on the floor. The younger woman sat on top of the other woman's pussy and spread her legs. They sat pussy to pussy. Then the younger woman pulled me closer to her and we all sat pussy to pussy. I was amazed at the way that worked so well with all of us. We rocked back and forth together as one. The woman on the floor moaned and reached for my hips. She rocked me back and forth as my legs spread around her hips. The woman on top rocked her pussy against the other woman's and then she reached for my breasts, holding them in her hands as she rocked. Her breasts swayed back and forth as she moved.

I could feel my clit being stimulated as I was rocked to and fro. I could feel the sparks ignite and I began to move faster and faster against the woman's stomach. I felt the woman pull me backwards and my body slipped towards the woman's ribs. I followed without resistance. The woman pushed my shoulders forward and I leaned towards the breast of the younger woman. As I did, I felt the finger of the woman on the bottom slip inside of my ass. I gasped and then made myself relax. The finger slid in and out of my ass quite rapidly and I could feel myself approaching another orgasm as the woman on the bottom approached hers.

It seemed the closer the woman on the bottom got to going over the edge; the more she dug her finger into my ass. The faster she pushed and pulled, the closer I got to spilling over the edge myself.

The electricity sparked and my body lit up with orgasm. I couldn't control myself any longer and I gushed cum all over the woman's body. She had cum running down the sides of her ribs.

She moaned deeply and exhaled even deeper. Her face was flushed and her body went limp. The younger woman had entered her woman's love canal and her ass at the same time and all three of us exhaled loudly at almost the same time. Sweat and cum filled the air with a scent that was unmistakable. It was sweet and powerful and I inhaled deeply, trying to capture the moment in my senses, to be played again and again at a later time.

Minutes ticked away and then the two women stood up together and dressed quickly. They both kissed me on the cheek and walked away to wash their hands before entering the door to the lounge and disappearing.

I gathered some paper towels and quickly washed my body of the smell of the passion that lingered only in my mind. My body felt relieved of all the pent-up tension that it had felt for so long. I was drained and yet more relaxed than I had been in many months. I felt wonderful and reborn. I felt a strange sense of energy that hadn't existed in me for a long time.

I walked out of the bathroom and into the lounge. The women who had occupied the table closest to the bathroom were gone and yet their memory would never completely disappear.

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