His 'n' hers fantasies-part 6  

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2/21/2006 11:08 am

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His 'n' hers fantasies-part 6

I take you by the hand and invite you onto the bed beside me.I lean over you and start to kiss you passionaitly on the lips,at the same time I take the vibrator and slowly run it down the side of your body,when I get to your hips it makes wince.
I can feel your hot breath as our tongues wrap round each other,your breath getting shorter as the vibrator runs down the outside of your leg and back up the inside.
As I reach the top of your inner thigh,you start taking short gasps of air! your getting turned on as you feel the tip of the vibrator gently run across the top of your pussy lips-ever so lightly parting them as it runs up towards your clit.By now you are madly kissing me forcing your tongue down my throat.-waiting to see where it goes next -you want it inside?I can feel your legs slacken and your stomach pulls in just waiting for the length of vibrating plastic to push into your wet and wait pussy.
but I stop short of your clit,and tease you! as it runs up and down your moisterned lips, then back down the the other inner thigh and up the the out side.
you let out a little whine as it again approaches your your upper thigh
I run it over your stomach and up between your breasts and start to rotate it around the outside of it decreasing the circles as i get towards your nipple
As it touches,you shudder as your nipple gets harder and harder,pulling me closer as we kiss.
It makes its desent back down towards your pussy as I start to kiss and lick your neck and behind your ear ,gently nibbling on the lob.
as the vibrator runs over your pubic bone,you let out a gasp and take a couple of sort breaths again.As it touches your clit you shy! Yes,Yes ! as you part your legs and lift your knees slightly
As I play with your clit your hand moves down to my cock,running up and down the length of it and rotating it with your wrist..!
By now my tounge is around your harden nipple, sucking , pinching it gently with my teeth as it darkens in colour-the blood running to your sensory glands as I pull on your nipple with my teeth.
I slowly at first push the vibrator into your waiting pussy-you screem as it enters as it gets deeper and deeper then.....?

(if you could see me sitting writing this-I'm acting out the movement of your body.and it make me feel like I want to be on top of you now...?I'm well turned on babe.)

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