The Amazing Ridi  

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1/6/2006 6:05 pm

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The Amazing Ridi

Light complexion with almond shaped eyes and they were light brown really hazel this guy was towering over me and I was at a loss for words he was that damn fine. He smiles a little and oh lord he has perfect teeth woo is all this sista could say. While waiting I gets a call from my cousin saying she can’t come get me something came up. I'm thinking how the fuck am I gonna get home now. I must have said this out loud because here he was saying something about his shift ending and him being able to take me home. So I say ok that sounds like a plan... I direct him to my house and against my better judgment invite him in. I mean first we were kissing then he stripped naked and asked me to do the same but before I could muster up enough courage to do so he slowly started taking my cloths off and I stood there watching him take his time and seductively strip me naked and sit there and look at me. Oh my god was all I could think. Then he lifted me up and stood me on the bed. Then he lifted my leg and ate my pussy like it was his last meal I mean he just couldn’t get enough. So after almost fifteen minutes of standing there wobbling trying to keep my balance I pushed his head back jumped down put him on his back and rode his face like it was his dick. Ahhh Ummm damn is all I say as I take his manhood and put it into my mouth. He was the sweetest I’ve ever tasted so thick and long I’m in heaven I thought as I climaxed in his mouth. I turned around pulled the rubber out of the drawer put it on him and rode him into the sunrise. He was so stunned that I wanted to be on top he doesn’t know what to do. When it was time for him to do his thing he had already came three times and was on the verge of number four. I lost count after my own fifth orgasm but it’s like this guy was trying to make a baby or something cause he fucked me for almost five hours changed into at least twelve different positions fucked clean off the bed onto the floor and through the rubber.

nfasn8ion 40M

1/7/2006 6:26 am

It sounds as if u are into sexy men that know how to turn u on and give u just what u r looking for.. Could I b correct? I am here in Chicago from Mississippi until monday morn or so maybe I could give u some of this chi-town born mississippi raised dick Im carring around as luggage on this trip that hasnt seen much more that toilets and showers since last sat... 6625749953 Darius only till mon the 9th or so a.m

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1/8/2006 9:57 am

Hello Daruis sugar. Yes, I am looking for that. I don't like in Chicago. I am in Maryland but you have peek my interest

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