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1/3/2006 12:26 pm

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Sometimes he feels himself entrapped in a room with no doors nor no room to run, with his eyes closed and his body wanting you! Yes! You and only you!
He finds himself wanting and pheaning
His dick aching just from the hardness of his man wood!
Got him up and harder than he ever thought it could!
He can picture you now sitting beyond your computer screen
Biting your bottom lip trying to pretend you don't want him in
But knowing even If he could let his manhood out
Whenever you shout he wouldn't even know where to begin
He just know right now that He’s craving that pussy
He want to show you what a real man with real dick is about
He want to bless you with motion you only can feel in a ocean
And hit your walls like large waves under midnight skies
And each time they flow while your laid down on silk sheets
You can't help but be moved every time he hit again and again
By an even stronger undertow He’s drowning within all this need
he wanna leave you in speaking tongues by the time he row
Because the eating of your pussy he promise to swallow it whole
Through this seductive fuck
He wanna give you dick so good he emerge himself into your dreams
Because as passionate as this sex can be
Deep inside of your dreams is the only place this dick can be
He be thinking that sometimes he won't be able to keep it in
Because right when your pussy touch his lips he’ll make it explode
Totally out of the blue Romeo's sex will have you tellin every1
But for now baby let's keep our own council
he'll keep his secrets deep
His secrets are only for our soul's to keep
You are my seductive fuck!

rm_txscorpion 43M
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1/4/2006 1:06 am

Beautiful lady. You've done it again. You always know how to keep a man at full "attention".

I've missed you. Where have you been young lady?! I'm glad to see you back among us. Take care and I'll be looking for you again soon.


~The Scorpion King~

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1/6/2006 6:41 pm


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