Sweet Desert.....  

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7/29/2006 6:16 pm
Sweet Desert.....

Kara was standing at the kitchen counter when Jack came home from work. He looked into her eyes and saw she was nearly ready to cry, and sitting in front of her was a cake that looked like a ski slope. It took all he had not to laugh because his beautiful new bride was so obviously distraught that he couldn't bare to hurt her anymore. Instead he walked over, stood behind her, took her into his arms, kissed her on the neck, took his two fingers, scooped off a piece of the cake, licked a big piece of it off of his fingers, and told her that he had just tasted the best cake he had ever put into his mouth before. Kara couldn't help but to begin to laugh and when she turned to give him a kiss for being the sweetest man alive, she accidentally hit the cake, and the pan went sliding across the counter, and off on to the floor. Jack expected her to burst into tears, but when he looked into her face, he saw a look of sweet seduction written all over her beautiful face. She took her apron off and tossed it on to the counter, then she slipped her flower patterned dress off and stood before him completely naked. It almost took his breath away knowing that this petite little woman was all his, that she had promised to be his wife for the rest of their lives. She was just over five feet tall; had short wavy black hair; full, dark pink lips that just begged to be kissed; a tiny little nose that looked as if it had been made by hand to be just perfect; her eyes were a mesmerizing mixture of dark green, and grey that mixed together and seemed to look right into your deepest thoughts; she had a long neck for being so tiny, he loved to lay next to her and run his finger up and down the curves of it; she had pert, full breast, small, yet perfect for her size, the nipples so easily stood erect when she was turned-on, her areola was wide, a mixture of dark pink and light brown, and they always turned pinker when he rubbed his thumbs around them, he smiled thinking that he called them her heat meters. His eyes followed her stomach down to the little pooch of belly near her pubic bone, she hated it, but he loved the way it accentuated the rest of her curves. Just below her stomach was s small patch of hair that she always kept trimmed neat, below that patch she shaved regularly, keeping it as soft, clean, ready for him to do whatever he wanted to with it. His loins began to ache and his penis was already hard. Below her honey place was the sexiest, most muscular, shapely legs that a man could dream of. The way she wrapped those legs around his neck when he drank from her sweetness drove him mad. Behind she had a muscular back, soft, slender, it ran down to her little ass that stood round and proud, always calling to him to be rubbed, squeezed, held, touched by all of him. Damn he loved this women so much that it hurt. She watched him as he took her whole body into his mind, looking at her from her head down to her toes, she could see in his eyes that he wanted her, needed her, loved her as much as she loved him. She walked of to the cake, looked behind her directly into his eyes, turned back around and slowly bent over and picked up some of the cake, then the stood back up, wiping the cake on her chest, down and on to both of her breast, and then she took one of her fingers, slowly sucking it into her mouth, and taking it back out. She heard him groan and smiled innocently, then she sat down right in the middle of the cake, leaned back, picked up some more, and stuck it into her mouth. "Mmmmm," she said, with an innocent look. "Not bad if I say so myself," she said. That was all it took, he stripped off his clothes like they were on fire and practically dove across the floor over to where she was sitting back like a sweet desert just waiting to be savored. First he took her foot into his hands, licking the cake from between her toes, taking her big toe into his mouth, he sucked it in slowly, running his tongue along the bottom of it. His tongue ran up the top of her foot to her inner leg, stopping to eat the cake, making sounds of pleasure, telling her how delicious that it was. His tongue moved over to her other leg, licking her inner thigh, kissing it, nibbling it. The more he ate the cake from her sweet little body, the more her cute little ass wiggled around in the cake, spreading it all over the floor. Jack moved up, kissing her neck, then sucking her earlobe into his mouth, he whispered into her ear, telling her that she was the best desert that he could ever ask for. He licked his way down to her breast, sucking her whole areola into his mouth, flicking her nipple with his tongue while it was in his mouth, he took the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it around. Her hips moved around, slightly humping the air and sliding her ass around all over the cake. Jack kissed her deeply, exploring her mouth with his tongue, tasting the sweetness of her. He gently pushed her back onto the floor, taking her under her legs, he pulled her hips up to his mouth and began sucking, licking, eating the cake from between the cheeks of her ass, licking all around to her pubis, he felt like a starving man allowed to have food for the first time. He stuck his tongue deeply inside of her vagina, in and out, her head rolling from side to side, her hips rolling around in his arms as if she were trying to get free, he just held her tighter, sucking her clit around between his lips, rolling it around with his tongue, pushing it inside of her again, drinking the juices as they began to flow. He laid her back down on the floor, sticking his fingers inside of her, gently feeling for the round, spongy place, he began to push in on it, letting off, rubbing his fingers back and forth over it, pushing down on it again, manipulating it, he could feel it getting harder and harder. Watching her as she pinched her nipples between her fingers, her stomach sucked in and out like a belly dancers, she kept sucking her lower lip in and out. Finally he took her hips into his arms again, holding her firmly, he stuck his penis to the opening of her wet pussy, slightly sticking it inside, pulling it out, repeating it until he had just a few inches of himself inside if her, he rocked his hips back and forth, using his hands to move her hips against him, he slid deeply into her, his head rolling back as her sweet pussy clenched around every inch of him, his ass cheeks clenching together tightly, he just held them both there for a moment, allowing the heat to spread through them both. He began stroking himself in and out of her, feeling the spongy place inside of her with the head of his cock, rolling his hips around so that the head of his penis stroked that hot button inside if her. Her hands clenched and unclenched as she got hotter and hotter, faster she sucked her lower lip into her mouth making whimpering and groaning sounds. She kept saying, "yes, yes, I love you, yes, oh god yes Jack." With each word, each time she sucked her lip into her mouth, every time she lunged her hips into him, the words kept getting louder and louder. Soon she was screaming yes! Jack was just screaming, "Ohhhh, ohh, ohh," and grunting like a bear. Finally he stopped, holding her close, still inside of her, he didn't want to take himself out of this Heaven, ever. Both of them were fighting for air and giggling at the same time. Eventually he picked her up in his arms and began to carry her to the shower. With a smile on his handsome face, he thought that tomorrow he might make a fruit salad mixed with honey, and topped with whipped cream. He giggled as he kissed his beautiful wife and thought about just how incredible desert really was.



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