pathetic isn't it?  

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10/1/2005 7:45 pm

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pathetic isn't it?

Man guess I need to post more so here's a little story about what I like.

You open the door in nothing but a robe and drying your hair. I caught you just comming out of the shower and really, I don't care just smile as you wink and continue walking away drying your head. You walk to the bedroom as you offer me a seat on the bed you sit at the computer. I sit and still smile taking my time to unbutton my coat but leave it tied. You adjust the lighting and the webcam to show your bed better and walk over to me smiling. slowly you get on your knees and bring my face to you. I know what's on your mind but do I beleive you are showing all what we are doing? what we are going to do? YES my mind screams yes he is, yes you are, yes it's going to be fantastic.
You kiss my head then my eyes my whole face then get to my neck. MMMM you know I love that. I run my fingers thru your hair and pull you closer to me. Sucking and licking my neck then down my shoulders to my hands and fingertips. feeling your hot breath on my neck was torture but I know where you go next and that's heavenly torture.
slowly you get to my feet and start kissing my toes. You kiss each one gently and hearing my low moan you take off my shoe and kiss them again. MMMM l so love it I so love how you worship and relish in kissing up my foot, my ankle and up my leg. Kissing behind my knees and tickling me with your tongue yes yes I whisper. then you stop and go to my other foot and repeat kissing up my foot rubbing it on your cheeks and smiling at me devilishly.
Then as you kiss up my legs you reach that sweet spot that I love so much. My inner thighs are tingling and you kiss between them. MMM not even touching me there you still get a rise out of me I grab your head and pull you up closer. I don't want you to do anything yet just hold me I so want to explode with passion but hold myself back. That's the pleasure the ultimate that you bring out in me. Why we enjoy eachother so much more now. This little time together and for our show of fulfillment.
Then I hear a dinging and see someone is asking to view. Ohh how nice it's an open cam moment. you put your finger to my lips and go to the computer and allow it.
I smile and giggle and you come rushing back and fall ontop of me ripping open my coat then your robe. You suddenly get this rush. Your hard I want you so badly and you take me. Hard you rush in and you take me I'm in complete heaven then you slow down so slowly and relish me give me something to savor and I do. I kiss your cheeks and then reach your face and kiss your open mouth. Holding you close to me my nails get in your back and you moan and pull me closer. I wrap my legs around you and hold you back and pull you closer. The fulfillment is something wonderful and beautiful and so plesaureable to both.
I can't beleive how wonderful it is going till the dinging starts again. We stop and you put your finger to my lips again and I wait. sorrowful but waiting in lust knowing you'll be back. You allow the 4 more to watch and I sit up. I walk over to the computer and type in "tell all your friends that this is special and watch us. Watch how lovers make it fun and this Mistress takes her prey." You laugh at this and I pull your hair back and bite your neck. Messages come in saying to show the mark Mistress and I do. You love it you moan and pull my head to get more. I bite harder this time on your nipple and leave a huge mark of my teeth. You yelp and moan begging me please and I pull you to the bed. I take you down the bed and tie your legs first as you fondle my pussy and ass sliding a finger in my pussy knowing you'll be in there again soon. then I tie your hands above you as I squat over your face my pussy lips within reach of your tongue that you dart out and yet can't really touch me. then I sit on your face grinding my womanhood to your pleasureable tongue. making you taste me an part of yourself from the earlier fun. I turn around and you kiss my asshole licking my crack and anus. begging for more as I pull away then get back on you. I grab a candle and lite it and drip the wax on your thighs then your tender full balls........
think you can Handle anymore without touching your pussies or cocks to blow that load on the keyboard? btw that shit is hard to explain to the Comp USA guy when he has to clean it up! LOL

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