never again  

MystressAshley 47F
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9/11/2006 3:57 am

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9/13/2006 1:22 pm

never again

Never again will I talk to someone about personal issues
Never again will I tell someone how much I care and get back rude remarks
Never again will such person get my attentions in a good light
Never again will I freefall into the same trap
Never again will I let this person make me feel like a loser
Never again am I going to listen to you or your words of hate or encouragement. You insult me in so many ways and expect me to be your friend still? ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH?!
Get off your pedestal and remember we are all human and ask for assistance. I no longer wish for yours. GROW THE FUCK UP AND MOVE ON!
No longer looking for twofaced friendships.
I"m tired of you now. I thought you were someone I could trust. My man loves my ampleness and thinks it's perfect. if you have a problem with it then forget you. You were never my friend to begin with if this is what you call a nice message to me. " THIS LIFE STYLE IS AN EXTENSION OF WHAT YOU HAVE OR HAVE NOT BEEN DOING.I SEE TWO THINGS THAT ARE TROUBLING,1MARITAL STATUS- YOUR MARRIED-YES OR NO.2AMPLE-YOUR OVER WEIGHT, UNHEALTHY,LAZY.YOUR HUSBAND MUST GIVE PERMISSION FOR YOUTO BE TRAINED.2LOSE WEIGHT, ITS EASY.MEET THESE STANDARDS AN YOUR FUN WILL BEGIN.I NEVER DO ANYTHING WITH A MARRIED WOMAN,NO ONE ELSE WILL. " How can you even fathom sending that to someone you know and call your friend?
That's exact word for word what was told to me.
Now yes I'm a fat chick but my boyfriend loves me this way. he praises me for what I look like and I'm going to lose weight on MY terms not yours you angryperson you.
Yes I"m still married but so are you and you have a Dom you play with. a couple of them if I'm correct on that point. so what's your point? My husband doesn't have to give me permission to be trained I"m not submissive and he's not my Dom HELLO CAN YOU READ THE NAME AGAIN PLEASE!
Third I asked you for help with someone else not for you to get back to me and rip up what I have going.
I refuse to talk to you again and answer your messages to me. I have no desire to be subjected to anymore hate IM's or 'discussions' as you put it this morning to me.
No longer looking for two faced friends.
Good luck with your other 'things' going on in your life. I don't need you in mine.

woofff 42F

9/11/2006 5:22 am

Sorry you're hurting....People sometimes are so cruel and wrong... don't worry luv...(hugs Ashley)


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