Is penetration over rated?  

MystressAshley 47F
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2/27/2006 6:17 am

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3/13/2006 9:38 pm

Is penetration over rated?

Hmm that's a burning question (no pun intended there).
I've wondered why it is that some women just want vaginal sex and quite a few men like anal?
What's the real difference besides their dicks having a spit in someones ass?
I mean really is giving oral sex out dated now?
I love getting my pussy licked not just the clit either but really.
And what's wrong with giving good head?
I know chicks that are beautiful but giving a blowjob they have no clue and the guys still give them high ratings for sex and they pull a paris hilton and lay there doing nothing!
I mean come on please big girls give all out for sex because we want it good. Big thick dicks all want the skinny bitches! What the fuck is that about? It sucks that girls that have no idea on how to even please get all the credit and we are in the background because you don't want to be seen with a big woman.
Rock their world and yet still not given the props we deserve.
Should I stick around still for this or just move on to a chubby chasers site where I really don't want to be.

rm_rochmnhump 49M

3/2/2006 8:58 am

I'd give you some good dickin girl...and I love to eat pussy..just say the word...and i'll stop by and pay you a visit...

ArmySSG74 43M

3/2/2006 2:43 pm

If you can suck me off it is but if you can't then give up the pussy.

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