Stormy Night-Part 1  

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9/2/2005 12:24 pm

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Stormy Night-Part 1

Running my hand up the empty side of the bed a low sigh is heard. Alone again; this seemed to be the norm in my life anymore. A loud clap of thunder seemed to shake the house. This was the storm I was hoping I would sleep through it seemed to have other plans for me. I slid out from beneath the warmth and safety of the covers my bare feet connecting with the floor. The short red spaghetti strap silk nighty seemed to dance over my thighs as I stood. Moving to the french-doors opening them letting the night wind embrace me as if it was my lover’s arms. Moving out onto the deck I stood watching the lightning light up the sky as the storm moved closer to me. I sat down at the top of the stairs that lead to the ground below me. Almost like in a dream state I closed my eyes almost hearing his voice on the wind. Lifting my hands up letting them slide over my face as my fingers wove through my hair. My head tilting to the side letting my fingertips glide down my throat. Moving them slowly back and forth across my chest letting my pinkie slide over the mounds of the top of my breasts. I could hear his voice as if he was standing right there *prove you want me, show me* the excitement of his voice overwhelmed me. Letting my fingers slide down tracing over my breast feeling the hardness of my nipple as they pressed against the silk material as if begging for attention. The tip of my fingers teased the nipples that rested under the material and there was a sensation that rushed through me almost as if it was his touch that was bringing my body to life. Moving my hand back up to touch the warm flesh of my chest lowering my fingertips slowly almost as if teasing my body to beg for it's own touch. Moving it down beneath the silk to feel the softness of my breast taking my nipple between my forefinger and thumb I squeezed it hard. A low whimper escaped. It was almost like I could feel him there watching me; and in my mind I could. I wanted to make him want me and to please him as I slid my other hand down to move over my thigh. Thunder clapped as the sky lit up with a bolt of lighting if only for a moment I saw him standing there at the bottom of the stairs watching me. A few raindrops came into contact with my steaming flesh as if the wetness wanted to cool me down. The wind picked up a bit as it seemed to play with the silken material of the nighty. Feeling the softness brush against my body as my fingertips caressed my thigh slowly moving higher; my knees falling apart as if to welcome my own touch. Leaning my head back as I braced myself with my other hand on the wooden planks I sat upon. My tongue slid over my lips to give them a bit of moisture that they cried out for as my breaths quickened. My muscles deep inside me quivered as my fingertips slid over my already swollen clit. Pleasure raced through me as I rubbed a bit faster and harder feeling the wetness build within me; I could hear his voice. *show me how you want me to touch you* The sound of his voice in my mind was loud and stimulating to me, I craved him for he controlled my every desire even when he was not there. Needing and wanting to feel the effect he had on me I slid a finger deep inside myself and a moan of pleasure drifted out to meet the darkness. The storm seemed to enjoy the moment; as if wanting to join in the pleasure the sky opened up letting the rain pour down on me. The raindrops hit me hard feeling like thousands of fingertips exploring every inch of my body at the same time. The silken material clung tightly to my form as if to make me feel his arms around me as my finger moved deeper. The warmth of the summer rain seemed to engulf me as I leaned further back resting against the stair rail for support as I moved my other hand over my breast. Roughly fondling my breast I moved my finger from deep within me finding the pearl hardened clit and I rubbed in tiny circles as I moaned with pleasure. My body was on fire with desire wanting to find the climax of pleasure I brought to myself. The rain seemed to be insinc with me as the faster I rubbed the harder it rained; moving my fingers from my clit needing more as I slid two fingers this time deep inside me. It was almost like feeling him slide deep inside me claiming me yet again as his very own. My fingers seemed to take on a life of their own as they entered me with force each time letting me know I was his and only his. My voice that but a whisper at first begged him for release then needing it more my other hand found its way to my clit. Rubbing as fast and hard as my fingers moved within me I begged louder to cum for him almost like I heard the wind say *cum for me angel* and I felt the warmth of my own juices flow over my fingers. My body shook with pleasure as I collapsed onto the wooden planks the nighty clinging to me as the rain seemed to eagerly lap up the juices I offered. Laying there for what seemed like hours letting the rain calm me as I almost drifted off. A loud clap of thunder brought me back from the fantasy I was deep within; I arose and moved over the threshold shutting the doors to the storm. I grabbed a towel to dry off with as I dropped the wet nighty to the floor. Reaching for another one slipping it over my head letting the soft silk soothe me as I made my way to the bed and back into the warmth and safety of my night. Drifting off to a deep somber thinking of him; the man who only exists in my dreams.

Across town in the same thunderous storm, I, too, watched the lightening flash seated at the bay window of my condo....I sat clad in only my silk robe nursing a snifter of cognac, by the fire. My loins ached from the loneliness of so many nights without your touch...without feeling your heart beating on my chest.....the scent of your skin while we make love......distant memories yet so fresh as if it where only moments ago. My sex stood tall and majestic as the thoughts of you seeped into my being filling the shaft and bobbing up and down as the thoughts kicked my excitement in gear......then it happened......I could have sworn I heard your voice calling me......the seduction in your voice stirring emotions I thought I had casued my sex to buck from the mere thought that you where near, but alas after realizing that I was alone I was left with a throbbing tool......i massaged the shaft imagining it is your neatly manicured fingers stroking the shaft.......I stroke the shaft pretending that it is your fingers that the pre cum are dribbling over as the head pulses like a beacon in the night..............I can't help but imagine your lips pressed against mine as you play with my breathing becomes my fingers brush over the soft flesh of your breast....images of you in my favorite red silk nightie race thru my mind...flashes of how it clings to your sultry it hugs the womanly curves of your hips....your perky nipples outlined as they press against the material......your soft brown eyes twinkling with passion.......I realize that I am stroking my sex faster the head, my fingers are covered with the oozing pre cum.......I run my hand over my abs the way you use to do when we cuddled during foreplay......the sizzling sounds of Kool and the Gang's Summer Madness drfits from the speakers complimented by the crackle of the fire......I can almost feel the wetness of your sex on my thigh remisnicent of the times you would straddle my thigh and rub your sex up and sex in your delicate grip......our lips inseperable.......I can taste your lips as our tongues dance....the smell of your perfume drifts in and out of my mind......I can feel the softness of your ass as I would grip it during our passionate sex bucks at the imagery of my mind.....I can't help but wonder can you feel this too.....DL...dl....dl......Love Me Baby.....I could swear I heard your sultry voice reply...Yessss...I am here to love you Baby......I can feel your warm breath on my chest as you buried your face during the reply before you mount my sex and I watch as my sex disappears into the buttery warm depths of your sex....Mmmmmmmmmmm......I begin to stroke my shaft faster as the pictures of you seated in my sex buried inside of your warmth.....your sex throbs around the thickness of my shaft...I tighten my grip around my tool the way your pussy would squeeze out its appreciation when I'm inside of you.....the pre cum oozes down my thighs the same way the juices of your sex would when you are so hot and ready........Can you feel it DL.....Can you here the thunder, the rain beating against the window, or see the flashes of lightening over your creamy skin.......Can you feel the deep powerful strokes as you ride me.....Can you feel my warm moist lips on your tongue swirling around the perky nipples...the throbbing of the shaft as you squeeze and release your muscles........CAN YOU FEEL MEEEEeeee?

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