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6/20/2006 3:01 am

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I consider myself an expert on sex.I consider myself an expert on loneliness although one never can quite get used to it or "deal with it!"I have had plenty of time to feel loneliness,ponder loneliness,and learn to dislike loneliness a great deal.I don愒 regret those times at all.Through loneliness I扉e learnt the beauty and wealth and necessity of solitude.I扉e learnt to be able to do many things on my own that many people would love to be able to do.I惴 not bothered at all by sitting alone in the park with a magazine and watching people pass me by.If they smile and greet okay.If not I don愒 care,I can also be arrogant.I惴 not afraid to leave a negative situation just because I might be alone.
I dont allow myself to be dragged into a negative situation just because I was afraid of being alone.My loneliness depends on my perspective.I can be alone and feel hurt or I can be alone and enjoy the quiet time and the chance I have to reflect,meditate,be introspective-look within.When I惴 with myself I can listen to whatever music I want,and do what I feel like without having to seek approval or needing to please another.I reached a point where I appreciated the freedoms of being alone and tried my best to take advantage of them or use the moments wisely.I can look at it as a solitude of serenity.The peace of silence.Loneliness is very real.Its a very strong feeling and can be debilitating and its difficult to live with.It affects a person to the depths of his or her being.,for in loneliness one sees oneself as being rejected by other people who would rather be with someone else,anyone else we tell ourelves.Either that or not living up to your full potential,emotionally socially ,spiritually.Somehow we are unacceptable,undesirable,unlovable.We have plenty of time alone to tell ourselves these negative things about ourselves.You get so accustomed to being alone that you already expect that is what will be the end result of every relationship.Often it is the only consistency by which to feel secure.That someone is gonna leave you or leave you alone can become a dependable concept which is safe because its more dependable than people are predictable.If you now what I mean.Some people have to develop means of dealing with loneliness especially if as a matter of pride (or dignity)person who does not open up to pity.I am one who would rather give sympathy than get it.I think I am like a man that way.I hate anyone to see me crying unless its raining and they cant tell a raindrop from a teardrop.If he breaks your heart I recommend for ladies find a good place to cry.In the boudoir with a box of tissues and a victorian lace handkerchief,you can do it in style.,a bottle of chardonnay and a literature book about the tragicest loves and greatest loosers of the century.Get someone to read it to you.Or in your secret garden where you will be renewed and refreshed by the cool breeze,shades and the pretty , fragrant,flowers and fish pond with kissing fish.

If you are going to comment I respectfully ask you to refrain from derogatory remarks.This subject is not taboo and quite valid.Theres alot of lonely guys out there.Ladies too.So this subject affects everyone.Well maybe not......

Enjoy the peace,tranquility and quiet of aloneness.It may not be yours for long.Maybe tomorrow you惻l be screaming and shouting at the top of your voice..."Leave me alone.!"

Or maybe you will be enabled to better value and appreciate the companionship of people you are with.

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6/20/2006 3:45 am

You hit the nail on the head on many things about loneliness. I'm still working to shed my fear of how others think about me and what I do when I'm by myself. Is marriage the end-game of our lives? Not necessarily. That is an opinion. Opinions are what make us individiuals, of course. If opinions effect more than just yourself at one time, it can cause problems. Because that makes your opinion their problem. True loneliness is having opinions that only involve yourself, that way you won't provide a disturbance with those around you with stimuli that they may not agree with. But in order to refrain from eminating any form of opinion at all, you best not exist at all. Just the way you dress or what you look like forms an opinion for all to suffer or enjoy. No, to be truly lonely, you'd have to be a "castaway" on an island. We all know what that leads to. I'd rather find a lovely lady than talk to a volleyball.

Moral of this rambling is, ladies are much more fun than volleyballs!

SirMounts 103M

6/21/2006 2:43 am

Many words of wisdom, and I enjoy your style of writing.
A very warm welcome to blogging, Mysterylady. *smiling*

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