To meet or not to meet, that is the question!!  

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2/23/2006 8:38 pm

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3/24/2006 10:35 pm

To meet or not to meet, that is the question!!

My sweet innocemt wife joined AdultFriendFinder six months ago during a particular dry spell in our marriage, for some excitement in her boring & dull (non-existent) sex life. She is now a horny, fuck crazed nympho, ready to fuck at the drop of a hat, constantly on the lookout for a new conquest. Our sex life is rejuvinated, the hottest it has ever been. She toys & cajoles both men & woman in the hope that she will be able to seduce and bed them, to satisfy her insatiable craving for sexual pleasure. She is constantly on AdultFriendFinder, arranging secret liasons with possibles, going for coffee with young men old enough to be her youngest daughter's boyfriend. Just one thing is amiss, the guts to throw caution to the wind, the gumption to grasp the opportunity with both hands, the courage to leap into the abyss of carnal delight and ACTUALLY go over the final hurdle. Her erotic mind churns out fantasy stories of being fucked by strangers, mating with wild carnal passion with a MOS, experiencing the extra marital fling, having constant fantasies of wild orgies & menage de trois, but she is too scared to jump the coup.

Recently she started chatting up a young 18 year old on AdultFriendFinder, sharing erotic chat and photo swap. The young woman has become increasingly brazen in her approach and is actually insisting on a meet to, as she puts it, to fuck the living daylights out of my horny wife. Just what she has been dreaming of!! Instead of going for it, my horny wife has reacted with shock, runnig scared and is trying to put off the inevitable with al kinds of delaying tactics.

Getting wind of her change of mind, I decided to step in and make her fantasy come true. I contacted the young girl on my wife's profile, pretending to be her, and set uo a meeting for today, for our mutual benefit, for who knows what may come my way. Now all that remains is to get her to the arranged meeting place, get them chatting per chance and let destiny take its course. This is either going to be catastrophic or extremely erotic. Which ever way, I don't think our lives and relationship will ever be the same again.

Here's to a successful meeting & a happy horny & satisfying conclusion. Will keep you posted!!!

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