Why is this so hard to understand?  

MyCock4UrLips 41M
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7/27/2006 1:28 pm
Why is this so hard to understand?

Ok, so I make amateur porn for my small web site... GREAT! I am looking for individuals (women) to be involved with me in film/photo shoots.

Can anyone tell me why so many damn dudes keep wanting to chat with me and get in on the action?

Oh and how come every chick on this site thinks they deserve like thousands to have sex on the net? You added yourself and your skanky pics to this site for FREE, how come you want me to pay you a ton of money?

I am looking for outgoing people that get off on the idea of being watched, filmed, photographed, and seen on the web! The upside is I will make sure that you are satisfied sexually 100%

I don't do pain or any weird shit!!! Damn, this isn't hard people....

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