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1/15/2006 4:58 pm

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As I undressed I felt your Hands moving over my skin.... gliding the straps of my nightie off my shoulders and as you slipped it down my arms you began kissing my neck and shoulders... Slowly I glided my nightie down my body with your hands.. steam was already covering the mirrors... Slowly I stepped into the shower... I laid my head back under the hot water. wetting my I did so. you were there. kissing my neck.. upper chest. breasts...licking the water from my body....Your hands moved down to my ass and pulled me roughly against you... I feel your hard shaft against my body... Breathlessly you looked up to me.. then as I reached for the shampoo. you kissed my mouth tenderly.... yet with a hot passion... You took the shampoo from my hands. placed a small mount into the palm of your hand and while you continued kissing my mouth, neck and chest... your hands worked the shampoo gently into my long hair.. My knees weak, I could only hold to you for strength... moaning softly as you worked my body with a tantalizing passion.. your mouth never leaving my body, you reached behind you for the soap.... only then did you slightly pull away from me.. running your hands over my breasts with the soap... working a luxurious lather .. my eyes closed in sweet surrender. your eyes watched the lather build on my breasts. hard nipples peeking a white foamy lather...... Your hands moved down my body. continuously building more and more lather covering my body... little rivulets of water streaming down my body through the foam... A soft gasp escaped my lips as your hands reached my soft mound ..... I opened my eyes slightly.. You were looking deeply into them.. I saw such an unbridled passion... again I felt my knees would give way beneath me.... Pulling me to you .. You kissed me with such passion I felt as if you were to stop I would have no breath left. Your hands, covered with suds, slowly lifted on leg to the side of the tub.. my arms wrapped around you, You held my balance in your arms. with hands trembling you tentatively ran a finger over the length of my slit..... with your touch you could tell it's slipperiness wasn't just from the soap... and this seemed only to increase your hunger. My mind in the heaven given by your touch. It was all I could do was hold to you. moaning.... my body craving more. always more..... Your body trembling against mine .... the heat we generated together made the steaming water fall like ice on my body... you begins to move against me. You cock working through the slippery suds running down my leg.... Oh god your hardness felt so good against my skin... Need over came us... no longer could either one of us wait to be one..... You lifted my body up. wrapping my legs around you. pressing my back to the shower wall... in one swift movement. You entered me with just need, your hard thrust lifted my body higher, your cock pressing deep into me, filling me completely... in unison we cried out.... Once our movement began. neither one of us could have stopped it. Thrusting deeply and sharply into me.. pressing me harder and harder against the back wall.. kissing each other with such hunger surely our lips will be bruised...Again and again your cock attacked my pussy.. tighter and tighter my muscles became. clamping hard on your shaft. feeling your throbbing increase more with every thrust..... Pressing me harder still against the wall of the shower.,... your arms cupping mine in yours and hands on my shoulders . pushing me harder and deeper still onto your cock... . so deep I felt for certain your balls would be pushed into me as well.... breaking our kiss. to keep from crying out in loud passion i turned my head slightly biting on your shoulder..... Never had I been taken to such heights... You began to move with such fury and lust.. Your cock forcefully pressing..... pushing through my tightened pussy muscles... I knew I couldn't hold back much longer. my body trembled with a need to release over you... A low grumbling began deep in your throat. I knew you weren't far from filling me with your hot cum... This realization.... the second of thought if of you filling me was my undoing..... I began to cry out.. My body rocked with lustful convulsions..... my cry, however , was cut short with your mouth covering mine.. a hunger I felt would leave me with nothing left.. sucking and biting my tongue.. ...My mind reeled as I felt every muscle pressed against my body go rigid...... with a breathless gasping cry into our kiss I felt your cock explode so deeply within me.. I knew its back wash would glides down the length of your cock...... You held your shaft in me.... unwilling to break such a glorious feeling... Your kisses became softer.. gentler.. I felt our combined juices sliding out of me, mixed with the silky suds, and knew they must be covering your balls by now... I held to you breathlessly..... floating slowly down from a height I had never before seen... Slowly we began to realize . the hot water had long sense been used up and the water was quite chilly now...... grinning, you leaned over slightly turning off the water.... still not releasing our oneness. Again you kissed me.. Holding me to you.. finally, your cock spent... it softly fell from my opening..when you felt I could stand. you helped my feet back to the floor of the shower....Never releasing my body from your arms. With a great sigh... and even bigger smile.. You suggested we dry of before catching our death of cold....

DrumBanger694u 54M

1/15/2006 5:23 pm

WOw..sounds hott!!!!!
Would love to help !!!

All my lovin' -Ringo

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1/15/2006 5:39 pm

I hope that you are for real. I probably will never meet you in person, but I am glad to know that someone so passionate is out there. You are a wonderful writer with the ability to make your readers feel that they are truly a part of what they are reading. I am jealous of your boyfriend for sure.

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1/20/2006 6:19 pm

Very nice story,glad to hear of such a romantic tale.Think you must have great things in your future with a mind like that


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1/27/2006 8:31 pm

nice romantic novel. want to fulfill it?

thunder6901 49M

1/28/2006 3:51 pm

I loved your post it made me want to jump into the shower with you. i would love to chat with you sometime

LadyButterfly05 59F

1/29/2006 7:50 am

You are a wonderful writer and you definitely involve your audience in your tale. It's as if we the reader are the ones in the story and depending on your gender you place yourself right there. Great job!

And guys if you think she's a great fantasy writer, then you should also come out and hear her sing! She's got a great voice to go along with the great writing skills!

Loved hearing you sing last night. Have a great day MM!


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