Tales of the bizzare, strange and Quagmire  

Muse35 49F
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8/30/2006 8:30 am
Tales of the bizzare, strange and Quagmire

Ok here's the scoop, my x husband has had 3 girlfriends that I have known about NOT that I have sought out information but I have still gotten the information.
So...the first gf he had for approximately 2 years it was only after the first year and a half that I met her just briefly.....ok so time passes and they break up and go their seperate ways I never think that I will ever have a chance to talk to her however (fate, karma whatever does like to smile on me occasionally) my best friend was fixing computers at the time and I was at his place one day when he plays the answering machine and lowandbehold there is a message from this woman. Now at some point in my x's relationship with these women my kids have always slipped up and given me the gf's last names (no i didn't pry it out of them cuz i could care less, my concern has always been the kids)

So I start laughing and my best friend looks at me like I have 3 heads ( i don't)I tell him that, that woman is the x gf of my x husband to which he starts laughing. Now then eventually yes we do go for a coffee (after all you must remember my kids were very attached to her) and I take the kids down to visit her. We start to exchange information about my x (its very interesting to note at this point that I had done nothing to seek out a friendship with her) BIZZARE is all I can say..sure he was a bit paranoid, jealous, neaderthalish, apish when I was with him.....however thats only gotten WORSE and more so when he's found out that I know his x gf's.....

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