May 17th  

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5/17/2006 11:32 pm
May 17th

It occured to me the other nite to question men in particular, seeing as i am female....about how a person can judge how another is going to be in bed, surely there must be a simple "test" to my question that i was posing to the guys was.....Can you judge how a woman is going to perform in bed by the way she performs oral sex on you.....sure there were some very good giggles in the crowd....but thankfully some men were very open in their answers for the most part they didn't think it was possible mainly do to the other old adage that you can judge a person by the way they dance how they are going to be in bed.....ifin someone saw me on the dancefloor i think i'd be considered a dead fish but ifin they were judging me by the way i performed oral sex....thats a whole other story.....
So what is an easy way to judge how a person is going to be in bed? is it more a compatibility issue where by you can let certain things slide? or is it more of the high maintence look where by if he/she looks good they'll be good? or is it more of a probbing questionaire where by you ask the person personal questions there by determining how they are going to be or is it just plain simply have sex with the person then judge?
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