March 7th  

Muse35 49F
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3/7/2006 7:48 am
March 7th

Spring! Spring! oh how i wish spring would spring itself from the doldrums of winters harsh grasp. For only then will summer be upon us, and i will be once again able to get a full body tan
I really enjoy summer, for all the things that one can do or is possible to do. This year i'm hoping its hot, and that the water is cool.
On that note it is good to set goal that i have is to be done my biology course by june 26th (you may ask why the specific date, its not my choosing but the governments choice, imposed by them not me). I have many goals at this point in my life both long term and short term. The short term once are for the most part easy to accomplish however the long term goals do get lost in the shuffle occasionally.
I would love to travel at some point this year just for a couple days away from work, life and strife. Whether i will accomplish this goal or not remains to be seen.
In any case i am off to bed......hate cutting my sleep short but have to today.......big day today.......meeting at the office, wrap my daughters present, pack for a week of house sitting........and so on.......

Riderfun101 65M

3/9/2006 11:38 am

Spring is just around the corner, ( I hope ) Can't wait to get on the bike and ride the winter blues away. maybe you might be interested in joining me sometime Tony

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