March 17th  

Muse35 49F
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3/17/2006 5:44 pm
March 17th

**Warning this blog entry contains a Rant**
Today i go to fill my car up with gas, at a full service station, its pouring rain out and no one comes out. So needing gas and not really caring whether i get wet or not i pump my own gas. Upon starting to pump my gas I cannot see anyone in the store, however two other vehicles show up and their occupants proceed to enter the store. At which point my gas is half done....I wait till its full during which time these two people have got their items from the store, get back in their vehicles and proceed on thier way. I enter the store am greeted by the service person who says "good morning" to me at which point (because i'm really annoyed being short changed sleep and working so freaking hard) I say "its pretty bad when i pay for full service and have to pump my own gas" she replies with "well thats what happens when they only put one person on."
Now this senario could of went a totally different way........had she said "i'm very sorry that we are short staffed at this time." it would of not only made me feel better it would of justified my point that i was making. The point being this.....ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. way too often in society (which we have learned from the government) we pass the buck because we do not want to recieve what is coming to us unless it is good in some way.
It is a sign of our society and the way we are ruled when we can no longer fully accept responsibilty for our actions, our government (whom we elect into power, which means they are our employees really does NOT listen to the employers (society that has elected them)
My question is when will this happen, when will governments become accountable for their actions and lead by example? My answer is simply this.......never, rare, if ever will i live to see it happen, why? because there are no honest politicians.
In the end the point is: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS, no one else can or will.

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