January 17th  

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1/17/2006 8:21 am

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January 17th

One more shift, 8 more hours then i'm free so to speak for at least 36 hrs. During which time i intend to go for lunch and coffee with two new people. One is married (yeah i know you all have heard me many times say NO married men, and well there are exceptions to every rule however i have clearly stated time and time again to this particular gentleman that its just lunch and no i'm not on the menu )
Today i'm not feeling particularly well, that dreaded curse has struck and yes i'm in pain. This is the ONLY thing that I dispise about being a woman. I love the fact that I can as a woman turn on my womanly charm, dress up, wear sliky clothes or decide not to. I love the fact that i can use my womanly talents on a man and I definately LOVE the reaction that it causes (and boy have i caused some reactions )
I'm looking forward to this weekend i get to see my two favorite little people and i do so enjoy spending time with them they are truely the apples of my eyes well on that note i shall leave this till tomorrow..........

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1/17/2006 7:48 pm


Just a "Quickie" drop bi to say HI!!!!

Great to see you gettin into the blog of it ... ur off to a great start!


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