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8/5/2006 3:03 am

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Aug 6

so here's the x has everything worked out (or so he says) whether or not that is true, time will only tell. But after doing a bit of research into lung cancer i'm surprised his mother wasn't diagnosed earlier. Let me tell you a bit about my x mother in law (and remember folks I have NOTHING to hide nor lie about, i'm not looking for a judgement one way or the other only telling the facts but seeing as my x isn't on this site that i know of you'll have to trust me that its the truth-why would I lie?)
my x mother in law had a very hard life growing up she was "adopted" out to some very mean relatives, she has 2 sisters (one of which lives in the same town as her) and one that lives in a suburb of toronto.
She ended up moving from back east to west at a young age and eventually ended up in the town where she has resided for over 30+ years. She ended up getting pregnant at age 16 and marrying the child's father shortly after. Four years later she was pregnant again with my x. During her young teen years she had to work, even when she ended up pregnant she was working. She married an alcoholic who had 4 boys in his family almost all of them alcoholics as well. She has smoked since she was a teenager (Craven A among the harshest smokes out there) She worked up until she had kids at which point she was then a stay-at-home mom.
I do not know the whole story however there were some issues that I know she chose to ignore such as the bunons on her feet from wearing shoes that were too small when she was younger. She chose to ignore or "disguise" her husbands drinking. She chose to lay a guilt trip on everyone including myself when I was asked to leave by my x. When my x mother in law came into the house her words to me were "I can't do this (this being looking after the kids) You can't leave, don't leave i'm not strong enough to do this" and so on. However i've come to terms in dealing with her. I refuse to "own" any of my x's "problems" issues or emergencies unless the kids are involved......

RedRover20043 64M
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8/15/2006 10:22 am

Good For you Muse. I just hope a suitable arrangement can be made for the kid's sake.
Good luck, expecting your ex to act responsibly

Muse35 49F

8/19/2006 11:32 pm

Thanks Red Rover....I really doubt that my x will act in a sensible and responsible manner after all he's not changed one iota after 4 yrs time and i'm not expecting him to change this time around either....however he has stated to me that he does have a "licenced caregiver" that is going to take care of the kids.....

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